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Infernal Poetry – Paraphiliac

Infernal Poetry don’t seem to be your average metal band, just one listen to new album Paraphiliac will let you know that. Don’t get me wrong, this album is on the heavier side of heavy and although the band are billed as extreme there is so much more on offer here. There is an almost experimental feel to this album with the band pushing themselves to the limits, seeing how far they can take their music.

Intro Preliminaries quickly glides into the first song Stumps. which explodes with extreme madness before a neck snapping breakdown grabs your attention. Aggressive vocals combined with heavy guitars and a lot of variation in tempo make this a very interesting album opener.

In Glorious Orgy shows us what this band are capable of. There is a little bit of everything in this one. Almost twin attack guitars, In Flames style chorus and heavy drumming pounding away in the background. The song even slows down towards the end to allow an almost melodic solo time to breathe, though the heaviness is never lost. Hypertrophic Jellyfish is next and to be totally truthful I don’t have a clue what the title is about. The guitars have an almost industrial feel to them and there is a nice heavy breakdown just over half way, but what the song is about???? I have no idea. It’s still good fun though.

Next to attack our senses is Everything Means ‘I’. The song has an eastern vibe running through it, although it is in the background and never in your face. The song doesn’t have a straight forward rythmn to it so it keeps you guessing as to where its going. The immense Barf Together attacks you like an extreme version of System Of A Down. The song has so many twists and turns, it keeps your attention throughout.

Cartilages opens in almost Slipknot style before taking us down Heavy Avenue once again. This is possibly the most experimental song on the album, it has an almost epic feel to it, will be a major crowd favourite when the band hit the road. The Copy/Paste Syndrome is built around a big dirty riff, not the heaviest song on the album but one of the most immediately satisfying. Would be a good song to introduce the band to a new listener with.

The Miss Treated is a total departure from the rest of the album, although there are sections of certain songs that have hinted that an instrumental like this could be on the cards. Not as big a surprise as it first seems but excellent. Final track Paraphilias is as extreme and as heavy as the album gets, but it still has time to get the riffs and hooks in.

Paraphiliac is a good introduction to Infernal Poetry. It keeps you interested enough to check out the other three full length releases from the band. The musicianship cannot be faulted, the vocals are aggressive and in your face.

Check it out you may just like it.

Paolo Ojetti – Vocals
Daniele Galassi – Guitars
Christian Morbidoni – Guitars
Alessandro Infusini – Bass
Alessandro Vagnoni – Drums