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Straight On Target – Pharmakos

PharmakosFor a band who have just released their debut album I was surprised to see that they already had almost 5000 likes on their facebook page. Either they have a hell of a lot of friends or they have worked hard to build up their fan base, I opted for the hard working line. These are not the type of songs you would sing to put your children to sleep. This is aggresive, in your face Deathcore, the type of music that you need to tour to get any recognition.

Pharmakos kicks off with the intro of Theta, a mixture of guitar feedback and an underpinning drone. This leads into the slow heavy riff of Ostrakon, almost Fear Factory like. As you get into the song it’s suddenly all over and the band kick into Demonized, with it’s start /stop riffing it’s a good headbanging song. The vocals are a low growl that can be a little hard to decipher but that could well just be me looking for faults.

Wake The Apathetic is straight balls out Deathcore, I’m loving the drum sound on the album so far. It stands out without overpowering anything else. Saying that all the instruments are fairly well mixed, and you can hear each individual instrument which can be a rarity on albums like this. Dreadful Eyes goes for the throat from the off, there isn’t a stand out groove on this one. This is mosh pit music, that gives you a couple of seconds to gather your thoughts before crushing you again, I can see bodies flying to this one.

Initiation is another unrelenting bonecrusher, a little bit of variation on the vocals and this would be a song to live long in the memory. It will however continue to be a standout track on the album. He Spreads Hypocrisy then puts me firmly in my place. Everything comes together brilliantly on this track, the blastbeats, the breakdowns and the vocals combine superbly, made me just sit back and appreciate what was coming through my headphones.

Synesthesia takes things up another notch. It shows what Straight On Target can produce at their best. This one will hurt when played live, paramedics stand by. Final song on the album is Palm leaves Readers, at just under seven mins long it is by far the longest song on the album. The good thing is that the track holds your attention for the full length with some superb breakdowns that just add to the heaviness of the song.

Overall this is a good solid debut that will only enhance the bands reputation. There is a lot to enjoy on here. You can criticise certain parts if you want to be very picky, but the album and band don’t deserve it. I you like Deathcore then don’t miss out on a band that, with this songwriting, could see the band lead the genre for many years. They have the potential.


An entertaining  7/10Straight On Target

 Andrea Scaglia – Voice
Federico Buzzetti – Drums
Giulio Castruccio – Guitar
Daniele Molinari – Guitar
Nicolò Rossi – Bass!/StraightOnTarget

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