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Funeralglade – May The Funeral Begin



May the Funeral Begin is an E.P. from Finish outfit Funeralglade. The synopsis for this E.P. listed them as a melodic death metal band after listening to the E.P. I disagree.

I felt  it was more of a Blackended death metal style, due to the use of synth and keyboards, which were not used to drive the songs but used to set a more atmospheric tone.

The music style of the E.P. can be argued all day and the reason why? May the Funeral Begin has so many musical styles which can be heard in abundance.

You can hear the Melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Groove Metal and Black Metal styles through the E.P.

With so many styles clashing on the E.P. it really detracts from the songs and makes you struggle to really grasp what are you listening to.

As the tracks transition too frequently into the above mentioned styles, it dwindles the listening experience  as the song sounds keep changing. A perfect example of this is on the opening track Shadow and Misery. You get this heavy bass and drum mix met by a classic black metal scream.  The track then shifts to a traditional metal style with a lead fill, then in to a black metal opus, then back to a metal style but as the styles are so different, it makes the track disjointed. This Makes you raise that questionable eyebrow and asking yourself the question “what and why am I listening to this”?

When they get the blend correct they do produce some great musical work like the second track Death (Only Way Out). It starts off with a similar heavy guitar mixed with some keys then artificial harmonics. It then goes straight in to a great metal feel, then slams you into another transition to melodic death metal and the mix stays similar throughout the rest of the track giving it a unique style of song. 

The second track is the only good example of Funeralglade getting it right as the other tracks Hollow and A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust offer the same questions like eyebrow as track one Shadow of Misery.

I applauded bands who try and push the envelope, Funeralglade did indeed do this.

However they need to learn a more effective way to get there style across and fusing their style correctly.

Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment

municipal waste


Municipal waste come to us with their 6th studio album Slime And Punishment. It has been a while since I invested anytime with Municipal Waste not because their are a poor band, but a move in style made us part ways. 

I was blown away by their debut album Hazardous Mutation, with its mix of hardcore punk blended with speed metal and thrash. Unleash The Bastards demonstrated the hardcore punk, then the trash/speed context was demonstrated on  tracks like Terror Shark and Set To Destruct.

One thing I will say is that to this day you will not see a more fantastic sight than grown men crowd surfing in shark costumes.

Muncipal Waste changed styles with the Art Of Partying and offering a reverse contrast in music, this time more fun style thrash rather than hardcore punk. This is evident with Head Banger Face Rip and Beer Pressure.+

The split for me happened in 2009 when they opted to be more serious and focus on just being a thrash band, dropping a lot of the fun and leading with a style direct out of the D.R.I handbook. This reminded me of when NOFX stopped been a fun punk band and took a more political approach to their music

With this in mind it gives me s great opportunity to look at Slime And Punishment 

Slime And punishment has that great production feel to it, just like massive aggression giving you that great blend of Philip halls bass mixed with Ryan Wastes guitars giving you that feel of bass and guitar attack.

With the opening track of Breathe Grease, it gives a great promise of a great album, however 39 seconds into the track you are hit with a very Iron Maiden style trill and this doesn’t stop here, it appears again on the tracks Slime and Punishment, Low Tolerance and Under the Waste Command, which then tries a traditional trade mark twin guitar exchange very akin to Murray and Smith.

The album does see a return to some of their Hardcore punk thrash style on tracks 9 – 14, as seen on Hazardus Mutation. It is however severely lacking the  lyrical content of prior albums and giving nothing to the imagination.

We do also see some moments of light on the album with some great tracks like Shreadnecks and Poison the Preacher

Overall as a speed metal album it is exactly that, but nothing to excite or make Municipal Waste fuck you up


Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With

dying fetus


Guest Reviewer: Jig T Overlord

Wrong One To Fuck With is the new offering from Dying Fetus. One of the most brutal bands in the death metal scene for the last 20 years, with their signature groove style  tailored with chugging riffs and technical time changes. 

This style has been their M.O and probably will never change. This is what makes Dying Fetus stand out and also makes some of their albums instantly forgettable like Killing On Adrenaline but then have masterpieces such as Descend Into Depravity.

With a change of logo, the same sweeping style logo only seen on the Grotesque Impairment EP, and incredible violent album cover depicting a brutal murder, Dying fetus are defiantly trying to make a statement with the new album

 The question to be asked is does this become a great album for Dying Fetus, or another forgettable attempt to be added to their back catalogue.

Wrong One To Fuck With hits really hard, the opening track Fixated On Devastation pulls you straight in with  John Gallaghar’s frantic fretwork. This then breaks down to slow chugging pace to where your trying to stop you neck just banning along. This quickly transitions into the next track, Panic Amongst The Herd,where it’s just a one driving down tuned riff, the album continue to leave its mark. Trey Williams comes in as always to impress with his amazing hyperblasting drumming on Die With Integrity.

The album continues to to pound and pulsate until you hit the title track Wrong One To Fuck With, where Sean Beasly comes in with a thick bass line, and opens up the rest of the track up with a monster groove layden riff that would open up any pit in a millisecond then transcends into pure rage. 

Wrong One To Fuck With is probably the best example of the Maryland trio getting their signature thick bass lines, frantic fretwork and pure assault  drumming down to a T.

The only drawback is that this is also the longest album dying fetus have delivered. Dying fetus albums come in sets of 8 with a shorter run time, making the listen that much easier, thus able to digest the great mix of sweeping technical riffs with great time changes heavy riffs and phenomenal blast beats,

With a longer running time of 50 minutes and 11 tracks on offer,  you can sometimes find yourself lost in the album and lose your place with the tracks sometimes seeming to meld together. Instead of having one epic track after epic track like in the shorter 8 track albums. 

That is the only draw back though, if you can keep up with intensity of the album it is defiantly a stand out. Not only for Dying Fetus but more importantly for the whole death metal scene.