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Funeralglade – May The Funeral Begin



May the Funeral Begin is an E.P. from Finish outfit Funeralglade. The synopsis for this E.P. listed them as a melodic death metal band after listening to the E.P. I disagree.

I felt  it was more of a Blackended death metal style, due to the use of synth and keyboards, which were not used to drive the songs but used to set a more atmospheric tone.

The music style of the E.P. can be argued all day and the reason why? May the Funeral Begin has so many musical styles which can be heard in abundance.

You can hear the Melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Groove Metal and Black Metal styles through the E.P.

With so many styles clashing on the E.P. it really detracts from the songs and makes you struggle to really grasp what are you listening to.

As the tracks transition too frequently into the above mentioned styles, it dwindles the listening experience  as the song sounds keep changing. A perfect example of this is on the opening track Shadow and Misery. You get this heavy bass and drum mix met by a classic black metal scream.  The track then shifts to a traditional metal style with a lead fill, then in to a black metal opus, then back to a metal style but as the styles are so different, it makes the track disjointed. This Makes you raise that questionable eyebrow and asking yourself the question “what and why am I listening to this”?

When they get the blend correct they do produce some great musical work like the second track Death (Only Way Out). It starts off with a similar heavy guitar mixed with some keys then artificial harmonics. It then goes straight in to a great metal feel, then slams you into another transition to melodic death metal and the mix stays similar throughout the rest of the track giving it a unique style of song. 

The second track is the only good example of Funeralglade getting it right as the other tracks Hollow and A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust offer the same questions like eyebrow as track one Shadow of Misery.

I applauded bands who try and push the envelope, Funeralglade did indeed do this.

However they need to learn a more effective way to get there style across and fusing their style correctly.

Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment

municipal waste


Municipal waste come to us with their 6th studio album Slime And Punishment. It has been a while since I invested anytime with Municipal Waste not because their are a poor band, but a move in style made us part ways. 

I was blown away by their debut album Hazardous Mutation, with its mix of hardcore punk blended with speed metal and thrash. Unleash The Bastards demonstrated the hardcore punk, then the trash/speed context was demonstrated on  tracks like Terror Shark and Set To Destruct.

One thing I will say is that to this day you will not see a more fantastic sight than grown men crowd surfing in shark costumes.

Muncipal Waste changed styles with the Art Of Partying and offering a reverse contrast in music, this time more fun style thrash rather than hardcore punk. This is evident with Head Banger Face Rip and Beer Pressure.+

The split for me happened in 2009 when they opted to be more serious and focus on just being a thrash band, dropping a lot of the fun and leading with a style direct out of the D.R.I handbook. This reminded me of when NOFX stopped been a fun punk band and took a more political approach to their music

With this in mind it gives me s great opportunity to look at Slime And Punishment 

Slime And punishment has that great production feel to it, just like massive aggression giving you that great blend of Philip halls bass mixed with Ryan Wastes guitars giving you that feel of bass and guitar attack.

With the opening track of Breathe Grease, it gives a great promise of a great album, however 39 seconds into the track you are hit with a very Iron Maiden style trill and this doesn’t stop here, it appears again on the tracks Slime and Punishment, Low Tolerance and Under the Waste Command, which then tries a traditional trade mark twin guitar exchange very akin to Murray and Smith.

The album does see a return to some of their Hardcore punk thrash style on tracks 9 – 14, as seen on Hazardus Mutation. It is however severely lacking the  lyrical content of prior albums and giving nothing to the imagination.

We do also see some moments of light on the album with some great tracks like Shreadnecks and Poison the Preacher

Overall as a speed metal album it is exactly that, but nothing to excite or make Municipal Waste fuck you up


Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With

dying fetus


Guest Reviewer: Jig T Overlord

Wrong One To Fuck With is the new offering from Dying Fetus. One of the most brutal bands in the death metal scene for the last 20 years, with their signature groove style  tailored with chugging riffs and technical time changes. 

This style has been their M.O and probably will never change. This is what makes Dying Fetus stand out and also makes some of their albums instantly forgettable like Killing On Adrenaline but then have masterpieces such as Descend Into Depravity.

With a change of logo, the same sweeping style logo only seen on the Grotesque Impairment EP, and incredible violent album cover depicting a brutal murder, Dying fetus are defiantly trying to make a statement with the new album

 The question to be asked is does this become a great album for Dying Fetus, or another forgettable attempt to be added to their back catalogue.

Wrong One To Fuck With hits really hard, the opening track Fixated On Devastation pulls you straight in with  John Gallaghar’s frantic fretwork. This then breaks down to slow chugging pace to where your trying to stop you neck just banning along. This quickly transitions into the next track, Panic Amongst The Herd,where it’s just a one driving down tuned riff, the album continue to leave its mark. Trey Williams comes in as always to impress with his amazing hyperblasting drumming on Die With Integrity.

The album continues to to pound and pulsate until you hit the title track Wrong One To Fuck With, where Sean Beasly comes in with a thick bass line, and opens up the rest of the track up with a monster groove layden riff that would open up any pit in a millisecond then transcends into pure rage. 

Wrong One To Fuck With is probably the best example of the Maryland trio getting their signature thick bass lines, frantic fretwork and pure assault  drumming down to a T.

The only drawback is that this is also the longest album dying fetus have delivered. Dying fetus albums come in sets of 8 with a shorter run time, making the listen that much easier, thus able to digest the great mix of sweeping technical riffs with great time changes heavy riffs and phenomenal blast beats,

With a longer running time of 50 minutes and 11 tracks on offer,  you can sometimes find yourself lost in the album and lose your place with the tracks sometimes seeming to meld together. Instead of having one epic track after epic track like in the shorter 8 track albums. 

That is the only draw back though, if you can keep up with intensity of the album it is defiantly a stand out. Not only for Dying Fetus but more importantly for the whole death metal scene.

Thunder -Rip It Up


Uk rock stalwarts Thunder return with their 11th studio album, following on from the highly successful Wonder Days. Whilst Rip It Up is not as instantly accessible as Wonder Days, it is every bit as good a listen if not better. If you are a Thunder fan then there will be the odd surprise on Rip It Up. Nothing major of course, they haven’t ripped up their blues rock template for metalcore breakdowns or jazz fusion. The things you have always loved about Thunder are still there, Harry’s ride cymbal, Ben’s organ ( ooooo errr ), the tug at the heartstrings ballad and of course THAT voice.

You could have excused Luke Morley for writing Wonder Days II and not challenging himself or his band. What he has done instead is maybe pushed himself harder than maybe he has ever done in the past. Opener No One Gets Out Alive is over in a flash of a rolling guitar riff, it gets the foot tapping and the head bobbing. Title track Rip It Up slams in next with its floor stomping heavy blues. It’s a heavy song for Thunder but retains its melody and hooks. She Likes The Cocaine floats along nicely until Lynne Jackaman comes along and tears the song a new one by adding a serious gospel flavour to the proceedings. Next up is Right From The Start, the big ballad of the album. If there is one thing that Thunder are experts in its the big ballad and this song doesn’t disappoint.

Shakedown brings out the cowbell, expect to see Ben Mathews stage left with cowbell when the tour hits, however he is gonna have to be seriously quick to get out the guitar as a wall of guitar hits with the chorus. Heartbreak Hurricane is a slab of Luke Morley brilliance. There are songs that grab you instantly, even if your not a fan of the artist there are songs that you just have to hold your hands up to and admit that it is quality, this is one of those songs. Any rock fan will appreciate this tune. In Another Life kicks in next and I’m waiting for Alannah Myles to start singing over that bass line. What we get instead are some Ben Matthews keys and an absolute classic Danny Bowes delivery, it’s their smokey bar song. Piano brings in The Chosen One before it kicks in to a straight ahead rocker, more of where that came from please.

The Enemy Inside is the nearest to Thunder by numbers,  there’s something that keeps it above being a filler as you never lose interest. The Who kick off Tumbling down before Thunder take over and turn it from Pinball Wizzard into another slab of blues rock goodness. Album closer There’s Always A Loser has the same kind of vibe as their song Once In A Lifetime, albeit with an electric uplifting ending.

All in all this is a grower of an album, with so much to listen to. You couldnt ask for more.



Def Con One – II

def con II


For the thousands that have seen the band live, or heard their first album Warface, this has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated album releases of the year. Warface was full of groove and in your face aggresion but Def Con One have upped the ante even further here. 18 months of solid touring has turned the band into an unbelievably tight unit, add to that some of the best riffs you’ve heard for a long, long time and your still not close to what we have here.

The album starts off with H8 Ball, a barely audible whisper which needs a lot of volume to be heard gives way to a staccato riff that is full of anger and groove. You can hear the bands influences throughout this song, but this is undoubtedly Def Con One. Broke is a fist pumping, head banging groove fest. Telling the tale of the common man’s struggle to make ends meet and get through everyday life.

Def Con One then unleash the song Soul Possessed on to us. This is up there with any metal song you have heard, certainly since the turn of the millenium. You may have heard this song as the band recently streamed it, the good news is that this album doesn’t peak with Soul Possessed. Scarred For Life then attacks our senses from the speakers. This is the thrashier side of Def Con One with a bit of punk and hardcore thrown in for good measure. There is always that huge Def Con One groove just waiting around the corner to test our headbanging capabilities and this song doesn’t disappoint. When this kicks in live, the pit will be for the brave only.

Debt To Society has a Southern metal feel to it as it kicks in. Davey Meikle offers to guide you until you find your own path in life ” You take my hand and walk with me while you find a place of your own”. The song implores you to lead and not be one of life’s sheep. The next song on the album will simply floor you. Sit down, turn up the volume and simply enjoy Skinhead Shaped Dent before you attempt to destroy your body as you bounce off walls, ceilings and anything else you can reach. This song has a riff that is up there with any you can think of, it also sticks around in your head forever. Damn you Def Con One!!!!!!!!!!!

Def Con Promo

Need A Reason builds in atmosphere until it explodes into one of the heaviest parts the band have ever written for the verse. There are more ideas in this song than what some bands are capable of putting onto a full album. Next up is the surprise of the album. Die Again is in all intent and purpose a power ballad until you hear the lyrical content. Like Feeling Cold on Warface, this song should be one thing but evolves into a totally different beast. The blackest ballad you will hear this year.

Damned Disgrace opens with the kind of grooving riff that gets your whole body moving. The upbeat music is in contrast to the lyrics as Davey Meikle spits his disgust at our soldiers fighting another lands war. Drag me to hell closes the album and just attacks you from the off. There is no respite from this one, it is full, in your face metal.

So there we have it, what a pity this album has to end. Released in February this album is already in contention for album of the year. There is all out metal, groove, melody and no shortage of damn fine musicianship on here. Go out and buy it, you will not be disappointed.


Davey Meikle – Vocals

Steve Miller – Bass

Antton Lant – Drums

Johnny Hunter – Guitar


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Hollow Haze – Countdown To Revenge

Hollow Haze albumCountdown To Revenge is the fifth full length album from Hollow Haze and the first to feature new singer Fabio Lione ( Rhapsody Of fire, Kamelot). The album also features collaborations with Antarktica and Wintermoon Orchestra in an attempt to broaden the landscape of the music and give it that epic feel. A feat that the band pull off. There is always something going on in this album, give it a few spins and you will hear so much more than just the song in front of you.

The album starts off with the intro of Room 212 which leads us into Watching In Silence, a heavy mix of guitars underpinned by the orchestra. Still Alive comes blasting out of the speakers before hitting us with a very catchy chorus, this will sound as heavy as hell when played live. No Rest For The Angels has a massive chorus that will have fists pumping as well a solo that will have the air guitars out.

Life Has No Meaning offers a bit of diversity, slowing things down a touch and giving the vocals to really really stand out. We Must Believe will give your neck muscles a good work out, a very uplifting but heavy song. The Answer is another with a great headbanging groove but never loses the melodic presence within the song. Il Tempo Del Fuoco is a straight up rocker, the song lasts nearly five minutes but that passes in a blur. A very enjoyable track.

Hollow Haze bandA Fading Angel’s Life has the potential to become a live epic, it has everything you could possibly want from a Hollow Haze song. There is heaviness, melody, a chorus that is bigger than the Death Star on steroids and beautifully wrote quieter passages. It rolls in at six and a half minutes but leaves you wanting more. Next we have the title track – Countdown To Revenge. Kicking off with fuzzy guitars, this song carries on where A Fading Angel’s Life left off, except this is it’s bigger heavier brother. An acoustic breakdown halfway through the song just sets up the song for the epic ending, there is so much going on here you need to get a good pair earphones, sit in a dark room and turn the sound up. The Gate To Nowhere is an instrumental that gives you time to take in what you have just heard.

Countdown To Revenge is now out and I would urge fans of Power Metal, Symphonic Metal etc to get this, you will not be disappointed.

An outstanding 8.5/10

Fabio Lione: Vocals
Nick Savio: Guitars
Dave Cestaro: Bass Guitar
Camillo Colleluori: Drums

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Cardiant – Verge

cardiantCardiant’s new album comes at you like a breath of fresh air. It’s good to hear a hell of a good rock album. The album has hints of progressive metal and symphonic metal, but thats all they are – hints. Opener Justice Turns Into Revenge comes straight for you in a blur of riffage, the guitars never let up throughout the track, keyboards swirl but never overpower. Thought’s Inception is a fist pumping, headbanging song. Listen carefully and you will hear some clever work on the ride symbol. The song has a massive sing a long chorus to boot. The is a quiet breakdown during the solo and that really sets the rest of the song up.

Heavens Calling flies out of the block at you in an attack of riffs and soaring vocals, again the keyboards bind the track together. There is everything in here, power, heaviness and melody and even a lighter in the air moment or two. Ever Since starts off in power ballad mode and mixes male and female vocals well. The song mixes piano and guitar very well, sounding very much like early Queen in places. It is a very enjoyable listen, it is very catchy and has sing a long moments.

Believe starts off in Dream Theater fashion before the Cardiant sound takes over, a heavy opening breaks down into a soft female vocal courtesy of Outi Jokinen. Again the song is full of melody and there is enough going on throughout the song so that it never becomes a chore to listen to. Beat Of Heart is next up and is a straight up rocker although there are all the Cardiant quirks here, the song never becomes predictable. Loves Not On My Way starts off with vocal and piano and the thought of a soppy ballad comes to mind, however, two minutes into the song and it kicks off leaving me quite surprised as it turns into an almost fist pumping rocker before returning to the piano and vocals to end the track.

Stranger in me is another quality track with yet another uplifting sing a long chorus. This will be a very enjoyable live song, I ended up just sitting back and enjoying this song without trying to think of what I was going to write, that should tell you how catchy the song is. Break your mind has progressive elements throughout and has raced through to the end before you know it. The album ends with While The Ice Is Cold. A beautiful ballad that will be on my mp3 player for a while. Female vocals take the lead on this one and do not disappoint in the slightest.

This is a very enjoyable album and the musicianship on display is first rate. Cardiant have found a way to keep many genres happy with this one.


A very enjoyable 8/10

Erik Karhatsu – Vocals
Antti Hänninen – Guitars
Marko Lindroos – Keyboards & Backing vocals
Mikko Mänttäri – Bass & Vocals
Lauri Hänninen – Drums

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Def Con One – Brute Force And Ignorance EP

dc1Since Def Con One’s debut album Warface hit the shelves in 2012 the Newcastle quartet have been getting in the nations face with a series of unforgetable and brutal shows. They have not allowed themselves any down time though, as they have been busy writing and recording the follow up to Warface between shows. Before they assault our senses with a full length album they are giving us a teaser with the four track EP – Brute Force And Ignorance.

Due out in October 2013, Brute Force And Ignorance will be released as a limited edition 12″ vinyl. The vinyl will be Nuclear Green and all the tracks are on one side whilst on the other side the bands signatures are engraved into the vinyl. There is also a full open out gatefold sleeve, full of pictures etc. The band have pulled out all the stops for this and credit must go to them and Night Of The Vinyl Dead for offering fans so much more than the generic CD in a single cardboard sleeve EP. So now to the main thing, what is the music on offer actually like?

The EP  contains four tracks, Brute Force And Ignorance, Caving In, No More Hate and Weapons of War. Long time followers of the band will recognise three of those names as No More Hate was given away for a short time as a free download. Caving In and Weapons Of War were released on self financed EP’s earlier in the bands career, although both have been re-recorded and never sounded like this.

We kick off with brand new song Brute Force And Ignorance. As the title suggests this is no power ballad, the song is straight in your face, pummelling you into submission before a huge Def Con One groove finishes you off in the chorus. Must mention that the sound that the band now have going is extremely impressive. The sound is huge on this, yet it is nothing that the band cannot recreate live. Johnny Hunter’s guitar is crunchy and heavy, Steve Miller’s bass has a threatening heaviness to it, Antton Lant beats his kit until it is a quivering mess in the corner and Davey Meikle’s voice weaves everything together.

Caving in  has been given a nasty reworking, the guitar and bass on this are now so heavy and the chorus has been given the in your face aggression that it was missing. It is a completely different beast to what went before. Even when the band slow things down they retain the brooding heaviness of the song.brute forceNo More Hate will be familiar to a lot of fans by now as a lot of you will have downloaded the song or heard it live as the band have been playing it live for a while now. The song has been given a new lease of life with a better production, it sounds more sinister and super heavy.

Weapons Of War is six minutes of groove and heaviness. The kind of music that is made to get bodies moving and heads banging. Crunching guitars, pounding drums and super heavy bass lines ensure that this will stay in the memory. The song gives Davey Meikle the chance to use his full range and he doesn’t disappoint.

Brute Force And Ignorance shows us where Def Con One are at now and gives us a glimpse of where the new album may be headed. The band have added to their own sound with an excellent quality of production. There is no mistaking this for any other band except Def Con One. When the band released Warface as a limited edition vinyl it sold out within five days, this EP will continue that trend if not better it.

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Red Rose – On The Cusp Of Change

red rose coverOn The Cusp Of Change is the second full length offering from Red Rose, following 2011’s Live The Life You’ve Imagined. Recorded before they recruited Daniel Berger permanently on drums, the band were able to call on the services of Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land) to pound the beats. Recorded at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark, On The Cusp Of Change was released in February 2013.

When Roses Faded is the first track and starts off with an eerie middle eastern vibe, with a pounding rhythmic drum pattern that gives way to a keyboard/guitar led opening riff. The chorus is huge, the melody in there instantly catches your attention. Bass and drums open up Chasing Freedom and the song explodes into an excellent hard melodic rock song. There are plenty of guitars, keyboards and vocal hooks to satisfy all rock needs, there is even the big guitar solo. Great rose1

King Of The Local Crowd is a good rock n roll song. Indeed it has the vibe of a seventies Meatloaf song about it. Original Sin explores the bands progressive side a lot more with a lot of musical changes, however those huge vocal melodies still come at you full force. Alone In The Night is an acoustic led ballad that builds throughout the song with an excellent bluesy solo to finish off with.

This Bitter World opens quietly with piano and understated guitar before bursting to life in a blur of keyboards, once again showing that Red Rose know how to write a good rock song. Don’t believe These Tales takes you on a great little musical journey, you can hear a bit of Iron Maiden in some of the bass lines to some full blown Dream Theater. Seize The Day is the final track on the album and is possibly my favourite track of the eight on offer. The track flows along on the keyboards with a touch of acoustic guitars and an emotional vocal.

red rose2All in all, On The Cusp Of Change is a very good album, with some great ideas and excellent musicianship on there. The band have certainly developed as writers and musicians and it will be very enjoyable to hear this album played live.

A positive 7/10

Leve Laiter – vocals
Elnur Aliev – guitars
Deion Kristen – keyboards
Eli Reeve – bass
Daniel Berger – drums

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DGM – Momentum

DGM2Momentum is album number eight for progressive metal monsters DGM.  Recorded, mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studios in San Marino, Italy, the band have produced possibly the best work they have recorded. Their previous albums have all been very strong, Frame and Different Shapes being my favourites (go check them out), however, Momentum in my opinion, is a better overall album. Momentum is an instant album, by that I mean that there are things that you will instantly like about this album. When you have listened to the album for a while you then hear a lot of different things, subtle keyboards that sit in the background giving songs extra depth, little bass runs that you never heard before etc. DGM get the progressive metal balance spot on on Momentum, this is a heavy album, a metal album. The progressive side  is always there adding extra colour to the canvas, it is however never overbearing and the band resist the temptation to play for playings sake, which a lot of bands who are given the progressive tag have a tendency of doing.

The album kicks off in great style with Reason which features a guest appearance from Symphony X frontman Russell Allen. The song drives straight at you from the off, there is the sound of a Hammond organ underpinning the whole song, drifting in and out throughout the track. The video for the song is available on the bands website, have yourself a watch of it. Trust is next and starts of at a furious pace, the song contains almost everything, there is heaviness, melody and no little technical expertise. The song contains a huge chorus, with a hook that is going to stay with you for a long time.

Universe flies past you with a burst of double bass drumming brilliance, listen out for the solos in this one, they are played that quickly that Dragonforce are jealous. The drums again add extra heaviness to Numb, however, DGM don’t lose any of their melodic side because of it. So far they have got the balance absolutely right. Some of the keyboard playing in Pages reminds me of Jordan Rudess, no bad thing at all.DGM1

If you know DGM at all then you will know they are masters of the slow burning song that builds into something quite magnificent. Repay is no exception to this as a simple piano/vocal are slowly but surely joined by the rest of the band before the soloing kicks in. The song constantly builds, the understated backing vocals adding extra weight and emotion. Chaos comes at you from the start although still has the singalong chorus that sticks in your head and keeps you humming for a long time.

Remembrance starts with a great headbanging groove, which it returns to often, but not that often that it bleeds the well dry. Overload hits you with a blur of keyboards before evolving into an excellent driven song. There is nothing to dislike at all so far on the album. The heavy opening of Void opens into a slower verse, which takes you on a journey of it’s own musically wise, before the rapid double bass drumming chorus takes over. The song also has a very uplifting set of  solo’s that instantly grab your attention. Album closer Blame once again showcases the vocal range of Mark Basile as well as the energy that his bandmates are more than capable of producing and do produce constantly on this tremendous album.DGM

There is so much more to this album than I can describe in this review, it has been out for a couple of months now and if you don’t have it in your library I would urge you to add it. There is so much going on but without ever sounding confused, or out of sync with the rest of the song. The musicianship is first rate, it’s heavy, melodic, proggy, it has something for all metal lovers and alienates none. A massive well done.

An excellent 9/10

Mark Basile – Vocals
Simone Mularoni – Guitars
Andrea Arcangeli – Bass
Fabio Costantino – Drums
Emanuele Casali – Keyboards

Watch the video for Reason

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