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Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment

municipal waste


Municipal waste come to us with their 6th studio album Slime And Punishment. It has been a while since I invested anytime with Municipal Waste not because their are a poor band, but a move in style made us part ways. 

I was blown away by their debut album Hazardous Mutation, with its mix of hardcore punk blended with speed metal and thrash. Unleash The Bastards demonstrated the hardcore punk, then the trash/speed context was demonstrated on  tracks like Terror Shark and Set To Destruct.

One thing I will say is that to this day you will not see a more fantastic sight than grown men crowd surfing in shark costumes.

Muncipal Waste changed styles with the Art Of Partying and offering a reverse contrast in music, this time more fun style thrash rather than hardcore punk. This is evident with Head Banger Face Rip and Beer Pressure.+

The split for me happened in 2009 when they opted to be more serious and focus on just being a thrash band, dropping a lot of the fun and leading with a style direct out of the D.R.I handbook. This reminded me of when NOFX stopped been a fun punk band and took a more political approach to their music

With this in mind it gives me s great opportunity to look at Slime And Punishment 

Slime And punishment has that great production feel to it, just like massive aggression giving you that great blend of Philip halls bass mixed with Ryan Wastes guitars giving you that feel of bass and guitar attack.

With the opening track of Breathe Grease, it gives a great promise of a great album, however 39 seconds into the track you are hit with a very Iron Maiden style trill and this doesn’t stop here, it appears again on the tracks Slime and Punishment, Low Tolerance and Under the Waste Command, which then tries a traditional trade mark twin guitar exchange very akin to Murray and Smith.

The album does see a return to some of their Hardcore punk thrash style on tracks 9 – 14, as seen on Hazardus Mutation. It is however severely lacking the  lyrical content of prior albums and giving nothing to the imagination.

We do also see some moments of light on the album with some great tracks like Shreadnecks and Poison the Preacher

Overall as a speed metal album it is exactly that, but nothing to excite or make Municipal Waste fuck you up


Def Con One Announce “Crushing Heads” Dates

Good news for lovers of all things heavy metal. Newcastle bruisers Def Con One  have announced just some of the live dates they have planned for the forthcoming year.

Def Con Promo

With this years festivals being announced very soon this year looks like it could be an extremely busy time for the Geordie heavyweights. So far 11 dates have been announced:

13.02.15 – Rebellion, Manchester
14.02.15 – The Cellar, Oxford
06.03.15 – Sanctuary, Burnley
07.03.15 – The Venue, Selby
13.03.15 – The Roxbury, Blyth
14.03.15 – The Old Turk, Dewsbury
27.03.15 – The Intake Club, Mansfield
28.03.15 – The Unicorn, London
01.05.15 – Scruffy’s, Birmingham
02.05.15 – Thrashersaurus, Norwich
29.08.15 – The Arches, Coventry