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Funeralglade – May The Funeral Begin



May the Funeral Begin is an E.P. from Finish outfit Funeralglade. The synopsis for this E.P. listed them as a melodic death metal band after listening to the E.P. I disagree.

I felt  it was more of a Blackended death metal style, due to the use of synth and keyboards, which were not used to drive the songs but used to set a more atmospheric tone.

The music style of the E.P. can be argued all day and the reason why? May the Funeral Begin has so many musical styles which can be heard in abundance.

You can hear the Melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Groove Metal and Black Metal styles through the E.P.

With so many styles clashing on the E.P. it really detracts from the songs and makes you struggle to really grasp what are you listening to.

As the tracks transition too frequently into the above mentioned styles, it dwindles the listening experience  as the song sounds keep changing. A perfect example of this is on the opening track Shadow and Misery. You get this heavy bass and drum mix met by a classic black metal scream.  The track then shifts to a traditional metal style with a lead fill, then in to a black metal opus, then back to a metal style but as the styles are so different, it makes the track disjointed. This Makes you raise that questionable eyebrow and asking yourself the question “what and why am I listening to this”?

When they get the blend correct they do produce some great musical work like the second track Death (Only Way Out). It starts off with a similar heavy guitar mixed with some keys then artificial harmonics. It then goes straight in to a great metal feel, then slams you into another transition to melodic death metal and the mix stays similar throughout the rest of the track giving it a unique style of song. 

The second track is the only good example of Funeralglade getting it right as the other tracks Hollow and A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust offer the same questions like eyebrow as track one Shadow of Misery.

I applauded bands who try and push the envelope, Funeralglade did indeed do this.

However they need to learn a more effective way to get there style across and fusing their style correctly.

Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment

municipal waste


Municipal waste come to us with their 6th studio album Slime And Punishment. It has been a while since I invested anytime with Municipal Waste not because their are a poor band, but a move in style made us part ways. 

I was blown away by their debut album Hazardous Mutation, with its mix of hardcore punk blended with speed metal and thrash. Unleash The Bastards demonstrated the hardcore punk, then the trash/speed context was demonstrated on  tracks like Terror Shark and Set To Destruct.

One thing I will say is that to this day you will not see a more fantastic sight than grown men crowd surfing in shark costumes.

Muncipal Waste changed styles with the Art Of Partying and offering a reverse contrast in music, this time more fun style thrash rather than hardcore punk. This is evident with Head Banger Face Rip and Beer Pressure.+

The split for me happened in 2009 when they opted to be more serious and focus on just being a thrash band, dropping a lot of the fun and leading with a style direct out of the D.R.I handbook. This reminded me of when NOFX stopped been a fun punk band and took a more political approach to their music

With this in mind it gives me s great opportunity to look at Slime And Punishment 

Slime And punishment has that great production feel to it, just like massive aggression giving you that great blend of Philip halls bass mixed with Ryan Wastes guitars giving you that feel of bass and guitar attack.

With the opening track of Breathe Grease, it gives a great promise of a great album, however 39 seconds into the track you are hit with a very Iron Maiden style trill and this doesn’t stop here, it appears again on the tracks Slime and Punishment, Low Tolerance and Under the Waste Command, which then tries a traditional trade mark twin guitar exchange very akin to Murray and Smith.

The album does see a return to some of their Hardcore punk thrash style on tracks 9 – 14, as seen on Hazardus Mutation. It is however severely lacking the  lyrical content of prior albums and giving nothing to the imagination.

We do also see some moments of light on the album with some great tracks like Shreadnecks and Poison the Preacher

Overall as a speed metal album it is exactly that, but nothing to excite or make Municipal Waste fuck you up


Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With

dying fetus


Guest Reviewer: Jig T Overlord

Wrong One To Fuck With is the new offering from Dying Fetus. One of the most brutal bands in the death metal scene for the last 20 years, with their signature groove style  tailored with chugging riffs and technical time changes. 

This style has been their M.O and probably will never change. This is what makes Dying Fetus stand out and also makes some of their albums instantly forgettable like Killing On Adrenaline but then have masterpieces such as Descend Into Depravity.

With a change of logo, the same sweeping style logo only seen on the Grotesque Impairment EP, and incredible violent album cover depicting a brutal murder, Dying fetus are defiantly trying to make a statement with the new album

 The question to be asked is does this become a great album for Dying Fetus, or another forgettable attempt to be added to their back catalogue.

Wrong One To Fuck With hits really hard, the opening track Fixated On Devastation pulls you straight in with  John Gallaghar’s frantic fretwork. This then breaks down to slow chugging pace to where your trying to stop you neck just banning along. This quickly transitions into the next track, Panic Amongst The Herd,where it’s just a one driving down tuned riff, the album continue to leave its mark. Trey Williams comes in as always to impress with his amazing hyperblasting drumming on Die With Integrity.

The album continues to to pound and pulsate until you hit the title track Wrong One To Fuck With, where Sean Beasly comes in with a thick bass line, and opens up the rest of the track up with a monster groove layden riff that would open up any pit in a millisecond then transcends into pure rage. 

Wrong One To Fuck With is probably the best example of the Maryland trio getting their signature thick bass lines, frantic fretwork and pure assault  drumming down to a T.

The only drawback is that this is also the longest album dying fetus have delivered. Dying fetus albums come in sets of 8 with a shorter run time, making the listen that much easier, thus able to digest the great mix of sweeping technical riffs with great time changes heavy riffs and phenomenal blast beats,

With a longer running time of 50 minutes and 11 tracks on offer,  you can sometimes find yourself lost in the album and lose your place with the tracks sometimes seeming to meld together. Instead of having one epic track after epic track like in the shorter 8 track albums. 

That is the only draw back though, if you can keep up with intensity of the album it is defiantly a stand out. Not only for Dying Fetus but more importantly for the whole death metal scene.


Power metallers Astral Domine have released a video for the song ‘Holy Knights’, taken from their debut album ‘Arcanum Gloriae’.

Watch the video here:


Founded in 2011 by music composer and lyricist Luca Gagnoni with the intent of creating epic, powerful music with a peaceful message, Astral Domine’ s debut album ‘Arcanum Gloriae’ is available now onBakerteam Records. Produced by the band themselves, with mixing and mastering duties held by Andrea De Paoli (LabyrinthVision Divine) at Multimedia Sound Studio, ‘Arcanum Gloriae’ features special guest appearances by renowned singers Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of FireVision DivineHollow Haze) on the song ‘Where Heroes Die’ and Giuseppe “Ciape” Cialone (Rosae Crucis) on the song‘Falsi Dei’. Inspired by fantasy themes and landscapes, Astral Domine’s music is perfectly depicted by the evocative album artwork, which recalls the epic scenery of the Game Of Thrones series.


Follow the latest news on 


KATTAH – New album ‘Lapis Lazuli’

Kattah have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album ‘Lapis Lazuli’. Formed in 2006 in Brazil, the band is known for a unique approach to music, mixing heavy metal with Arabian, Eastern European, Brazilian and many other musical styles, atmospheres and rhythms. Their debut album ‘Eyes Of Sand’ (2010) attracted overwhelming reviews all over the world, and it came to no surprise when fellow Brazilian musical heroes Angra invited them to open their 2011 European tour, a great opportunity for Kattah to display their powerful live show and consolidate their name among thousands of heavy metal fans. ‘Lapis Lazuli’ sees the band taking things to a whole new level, with stronger melodies, classier arrangements, outstanding performances and a production team which includes some of the best professionals in the business: Roy Z (Bruce DickinsonRob HalfordSepultura,Helloween) and Andy Haller (Ozzy osbourneSystem Of A Down). ‘Lapis Lazuli’ will be out October 28th, 2014. Watch out for the latest news on


TANTAL – New album ‘Expectancy’

Formed in 2004 in Moscow, Russia, Tantal attracted critical acclaim with the release of their debut album ‘The Beginning Of The End’ (2009), an addictive mix of Progressive, Death, Thrash and Modern Metal enriched by gloomy conceptual lyrics and plenty of attitude. While touring relentlessly in support of that album, the band saw their fan base grow exponentially, with their videos broadcasted on national television and their songs featured in the most important metal radio shows. In 2013 Tantal announced the addition of talented female vocalist Milana Solovitskaya to their ranks and a new album,‘Expectancy’, which redefines their sound: way more diverse and mature than its predecessor, ‘Expectancy’ features beautiful catchy melodies, powerful riffs, expressive guitar solos and a groovy rhythm section, including one song in their native Russian language and an acoustic version of one song from the previous album as a bonus tracks, especially recorded for this release. The beautiful album artwork was conceived by renowned Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes (Arch EnemyMorbid AngelFirewind,Cryptopsy, Amaranthe). ‘Expectancy’ will be out October 28th, 2014 on Bakerteam Records. for the latest news


Black metallers Stigmhate have made available for streaming a song taken from their new album ‘Zodacare Od Zodameranu‘, out now on Bakerteam Records.


Listen to the new song ‘Mistress Of Bone’s Mounds’ here:

Active in the extreme metal scene for the last 15 years, the band is back with their most obscure and oppressive album to date, both musically and lyrically. The album was recorded and mixed between Outer Sound Studios and Destroyed Studios by Giuseppe Orlando (NovembreNecrodeath) and Stigmhate’s own guitarist Mike, and mastered at Hertz Studios (BehemothVaderDecapitated). The cover artwork and packaging was handled by renowned Brazilian artist Marcelo Vasco (Dimmu BorgirKeep Of KalessinDark Funeral). Some very special guest appearances by Shyaithan (Impiety) andNachtgarm (NegatorDark Funeral) have also been announced. Check for the latest updates.

Def Con One release new video

Newcastle metal titans Def  Con One have released their new video. The track “Skinhead Shaped Dent” is from their new album “II” and is one of their best tracks to date. Watch it below.


Def Con One – II

def con II


For the thousands that have seen the band live, or heard their first album Warface, this has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated album releases of the year. Warface was full of groove and in your face aggresion but Def Con One have upped the ante even further here. 18 months of solid touring has turned the band into an unbelievably tight unit, add to that some of the best riffs you’ve heard for a long, long time and your still not close to what we have here.

The album starts off with H8 Ball, a barely audible whisper which needs a lot of volume to be heard gives way to a staccato riff that is full of anger and groove. You can hear the bands influences throughout this song, but this is undoubtedly Def Con One. Broke is a fist pumping, head banging groove fest. Telling the tale of the common man’s struggle to make ends meet and get through everyday life.

Def Con One then unleash the song Soul Possessed on to us. This is up there with any metal song you have heard, certainly since the turn of the millenium. You may have heard this song as the band recently streamed it, the good news is that this album doesn’t peak with Soul Possessed. Scarred For Life then attacks our senses from the speakers. This is the thrashier side of Def Con One with a bit of punk and hardcore thrown in for good measure. There is always that huge Def Con One groove just waiting around the corner to test our headbanging capabilities and this song doesn’t disappoint. When this kicks in live, the pit will be for the brave only.

Debt To Society has a Southern metal feel to it as it kicks in. Davey Meikle offers to guide you until you find your own path in life ” You take my hand and walk with me while you find a place of your own”. The song implores you to lead and not be one of life’s sheep. The next song on the album will simply floor you. Sit down, turn up the volume and simply enjoy Skinhead Shaped Dent before you attempt to destroy your body as you bounce off walls, ceilings and anything else you can reach. This song has a riff that is up there with any you can think of, it also sticks around in your head forever. Damn you Def Con One!!!!!!!!!!!

Def Con Promo

Need A Reason builds in atmosphere until it explodes into one of the heaviest parts the band have ever written for the verse. There are more ideas in this song than what some bands are capable of putting onto a full album. Next up is the surprise of the album. Die Again is in all intent and purpose a power ballad until you hear the lyrical content. Like Feeling Cold on Warface, this song should be one thing but evolves into a totally different beast. The blackest ballad you will hear this year.

Damned Disgrace opens with the kind of grooving riff that gets your whole body moving. The upbeat music is in contrast to the lyrics as Davey Meikle spits his disgust at our soldiers fighting another lands war. Drag me to hell closes the album and just attacks you from the off. There is no respite from this one, it is full, in your face metal.

So there we have it, what a pity this album has to end. Released in February this album is already in contention for album of the year. There is all out metal, groove, melody and no shortage of damn fine musicianship on here. Go out and buy it, you will not be disappointed.


Davey Meikle – Vocals

Steve Miller – Bass

Antton Lant – Drums

Johnny Hunter – Guitar


For more infomation about Def Con One please follow the links below:


Sound Storm Interview

ss2 There are a few things to consider when your lucky enough to get new music to review. The first thing you have to do is listen to everything with an open mind, that way you will hopefully find something in the music that you can enjoy. You can’t dismiss something  just because it isn’t your favourite genre. You also have to be honest in your review, if you don’t like something, say so, but always give a reason why you don’t like it. It is the same if you like something, let people who read your reviews know why you like it. Sometimes your lucky enough to contact the musicians themselves, that happened to me with Sound Storm. I have been lucky enough to have a couple of online chats with Valerio Sbriglione, guitarist and song writer in Sound Storm. Apart from being extremely handsome (according to the women I know in metal) he is one of the most genuine nice guys in rock. He is passionate about his music and his band, all with good reason, if you have heard the latest Sound Storm album, Immortalia, then you will know what I mean.

I approached Valerio, to ask if he would be available to do an interview for and he could not have been more helpful. I can say that I am not going over the top when I say he has been a credit to his band, himself and metal in general. For his interview, read on.

First of all thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions for We really appreciate it.
Valerio: you’re welcome, I’m definitely glad to be featured on your website again!

For those who have never heard the band before, where and when were Sound Storm formed and how would you describe Sound Storm’s music
Valerio: Sound Storm was born about 10 years ago, but we started to work seriously on the project since 2008, when we recorded the first album “Twilight Opera”.
Basically we play a sort of symphonic metal, but I think we have much more inside. The reason is that we have many different influences, such as extreme metal for example, which is not common in other symphonic metal bands.

I thought that the song writing and musicianship on Immortalia was very strong. How have the band improved as songwriters and musicians since the writing and recording of Twilight Opera
Valerio: Well, the truth is that many songs in “Twilight Opera” were the first experiments we did in youth. You can already find some elements we used in “Immortalia” too, but the new album is much more mature and aware than the previous one. We have also grown as people and musicians!

How do Sound Storm write songs? Is it as a group jamming out an idea that was brought in or does one member do most of the writing then the group add their own bits to it.
Valerio: We are not a band which create music while jamming, we like “studying” what we are going to record and it must be something which “works”. I usually take care of most of the compositions, but first ideas come either from the other guys and me. In “Immortalia” I worked with Alessandro Muscio on all the compositions, and I think we achieved a great deal together. Then every band member adds his own style to the songs, and this is what makes the difference.Valerio

What music were you listening to whilst recording the album and how much influence can the music you are listening to at the time, effect  what you write.
Valerio: I usually don’t like listening to any other music while I’m in studio, I actually prefer to focus on my own ideas. At best I listen to new age or zen music, just to keep the right mood for the recordings! ahahah

If Sound Storm were to appear on a covers compilation album, which one song would you cover. Is there a song you wish you had written.
Valerio: Well personally I’m not a fan of cover songs and cover bands in general, but if I was forced to choose I’ll pick up one old song from Rainbow, “Kill the King” for example

Most musicians are very self critical. Are you ever completely happy with a song you have wrote or played on. How do you know when a song is finished.
Valerio: Obviously not! (laughs) I think I might change a song to infinity if only I could! (laughs) I know that a song is “finished” when I like listening to it at least three days in a row: if I get bored before that, I know something is wrong! Ahahah Well, honestly I don’t know when a song is “finished”.. Mozart used to say: “a composition is complete when there’s the right number of notes, neither more or less”.
I agree with him and in “Immortalia” I often had this feeling.
When you were writing Immortalia, how many songs were written for the album. Are there any unfinished songs that we may hear in the future as bonus tracks etc.
Valerio: Yes, we always have a lot of incomplete stuff, so why not, perhaps someday we can do a b-side album! For “Immortalia” we had to persuade the promoter to put all the songs in the album, ‘cause he thought it was too long.Sound Storm

How do the band decide which songs off the album you will include in the live set.
Valerio: Well, it depends on what live show is it. If we play an headlining show we usually propose songs from both our albums in order to represent entirely what Sound Storm is.
If we are the support band or in a festival, we’d play the most known and representative songs of the band. We choose the songs in a real democratic way: I choose the songs and those remain ahahahah! Really, we only have two albums released so it’s actually easy to create a set list for the shows.

What do the members of the band do to relieve the boredom of travelling when on tour. Especially when touring abroad.
Valerio: The ultimate passion of Sound Storm is Sudoku. During the last tour we did books and books full of Sudoku, but we are all unable to do it except for Ilaria, she’s a fucking Sudoku genius (laughs).
Personally I like reading, playing videogames, taking photos of the landscapes we’re crossing through (my latest passion are the wind turbines of Germany and Holland, don’t ask me why because I don’t know. In Italy we don’t have those, probably this is the main reason), browsing the web and so on.
We usually don’t have time to get bored, rather we get tired (but happy of course)!

If you had a limitless budget could you describe the stage show Sound Storm would produce to match your music
Valerio: Good question! Well, surely I would like to have fireworks everywhere and everytime, I love them!
Then I’d surely like to have an interactive show, with a huge screens and videos, something like Pink Floyd used to have in their shows…It would be awesome, don’t you think?

I heard a quote from a band recently that said ” There are no ego’s in the band until we get on stage, then the gloves are off”. I thought that was a great quote. How do you keep the onstage ego’s from spilling over off stage.
Valerio: I think when you get on stage everything is different than when you are off stage. I mean, when you play a show, either in the smallest club and in the biggest one, you must give 110% of what you can do. Does not matter what happened before or during the show, you must forget everything and give your maximum. This is why the “ego” comes out when you get on stage, because in that moment you must have total control on your show and the crowd, which must be delighted by your performance.
Then, when everything is over, you must go back to being the person you were before, polite and kind as we always are.thCAA79GHA

What are the future plans for the group.
Valerio: We’re already in the middle of composing the new album, I have already composed new tunes that I really like. They’re not perfect (or “finished”, as we said before) yet but I’m definitely satisfied with the work so far.
Then we will have some shows during the summer and then we’ll be on tour again after the summer. We’ll enter the recording studio again in early 2014 for a new release to be scheduled in summer of the next year.

Do the group write constantly or do you set aside a certain time for writing.
Valerio: Personally I love composing, so that’s not a burden for me. When we are not on tour I often compose, so I haven’t a certain time for it. Also, it would sound strange, but it’s not too much time 2 years between the previous album and the new one. In fact  you have to compose, pre-produce, produce and promote it, and this for each album! Add to this some tours and shows, and the time you have to compose the new album is very short!

Finally what are the best and worst aspects of being a member of Sound Storm.
Valerio: The best one is that we compose the best music in the world, the worst is that we are the poorest musicians in the world! Ahahah Seriously, we take this like a job, we are not (unfortunately) the teenagers which play together for fun. I spend the most of my time working for the band: composing, recording, promoting, booking shows, managing. It’s a real job, the less remunerated in absolutely, but it is a job.
But it also gives you the best emotions, satisfaction and feelings, no doubt about this.

for more infomation on what Valerio and Sound Storm are up to please visit their official website:

There is also more information available on the band’s facebook page:


Many thanks go to Disco Dave for the help he has given me. You know who you are.

Jim Beerman Interview


imageIf you have never heard of Jim Beerman, where have you been? You may not heard of the man but you will almost certainly have heard of some of the projects he is involved in.

 Picture 332

Bloodstock Radio?


These are two of many projects that the man has undertaken. Jim is a very well respected  DJ, hosting numerous rock/metal shows, he has and continues to put on shows and festivals, he is perhaps most importantly the man who will give people/bands a chance when others have already closed the door. Jim gives unsigned bands and lesser known bands the chance to be heard. To get their music out there. For that he deserves to be applauded.

So what drives the man to do what he does? What inspires him to continue to do what he does with such belief and passion? Metaloverlord was recently given the chance to catch up with the man that is Jim Beerman. Crack open a good ale and read on.


Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to answer a few questions.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got involved in music and what you are currently up to?

 My involvemnt in music has been with me from my youth, and in many ways has played a major part in who I am today, in the late 80’s and early 90’s I was in a couple of bands, and things were alot easier those days, we had great gigs and even played some festivals, but I suppose my main reason for spurring me to be a part of the music scene on the other side of the fence were the pioneers such as John Peel and Tommy Vance, there are not many people of my age who could not be influenced my these greats who made huge strides in really putting music to the forefront for so many people, bands always give influeces in music but never consider where they heard that music first! Radio wise it was a complete fluke of circumstance, I was working on a web page for a radio station and they asked me to do some voice bites for their DJ’s the next thing I know I am going on air armed with a crate of beer and my CD collection, the rest is history….. 

Internet radio has done wonders for unsigned bands. It has given them another platform to be heard. What does a band have to do nowadays to stand out and not just be another demo?

This is so hard to answer, there are now a huge glut of internet stations all championing the upcoming bands, yet this is a sign of the digital age, bands have so many options and outlets to not only get their music out to people but to really expand their fanbase, internet radio is a small part in this, though this part will grow, as part of the digital revolution and (especially here in the UK with the impending digital switchover) FM Radio will in many ways beecome redundant, people will have the options to tune in to the many thousands of internet stations wherever they are, global Wi Fi coverage will mean a station as now only available on the internet or a computer/tablet/phone, will be available 24/7 and in many ways it will be a hark back to the old Pirate radio stations of the 60’s where stations deliver shows based towards the listener and not the advertiser or label etc. This leads very much to choice of the presenter, and their ability to see the talent and put bands forward to the public. For me personally I think a band needs to have decent recordings, which so many have now, it is easy to put out a quality release from a bedroom, the days when a rough and ready demo making it onto radio have gone, a bands songs need to be able to sit inbetween the bands who have huge amounts of cash, a live set recorded on a great desk is not going to stand up sandwiched between classics, so with money short, one or two well recorded tracks will always get radio airplay. Also and this is a bit of the dirty side of the media industry now, if a band has the money, pay for a good PR firm. At the moment there are many… Hundreds…… Thousands!!! Of Internet Radio stations that accept if a PR firm sends a song they should play it, this is not something I have ever bought into but you would be surprised how many do and a band can get plays across the net with the use of a good PR firm it can mean everything or nothing, ultimately music speaks volumes.

How did Beermageddon come about and how big can Beermageddon become, and how long did it take from you getting the idea for Beermageddon to the first band hitting the first chord?

Beermageddon was an amazing step for us, and there would be no way the festival would exist without some key people, as part of Top Rock Radio we held a string of shows over a number of years under the Beerman Presents Banner which led to us getting the second stage at a fest called Sonic Rock Solstice, which was very much based on the more classic side, the Space Rock/Prog/Blues etc, our second stage gave an opportunity to put some of the heavier, more metal based bands on and for two years we made this an absolutely amazing addition to a great festival but at the end of 2011 there were a few issues with our sound, due to the venue, we were breaking decibel levels in a big way so the stage was pulled. Luckily the organisers who run many successful festivals in the UK offered us our own festival and the opportunity to put on an amazing weekend of pure metal truely put forward for the fans, they stepped out on a massive limb for us, not knowing if we could even cover the costs, especially as I stipulated we wanted the festival to literally be non profit, just to cover the costs, great bands and a rock bottom price. So really it was a very short time, we announced on Halloween 2011 that August 2012 would see the inaugral Beermageddon. The response was astounding, what we planned as a 2 day festival in a small venue within months was upgraded to 3 days in a larger venue to cover the sales and I have to say to be able to sell out in the first year (even after upgrading) was a major moment, now in 2013 we are in a bigger venue again with more facilities and look towards another sell out festival, so how big can we grow? Well I suppose the skies the limit, after our first year, many comparisons were made to the early Bloodstock Festivals, but in my heart I want to keep Beermageddon small, a group of not only fans but friends so there are no plans to make the festival any bigger in the next 2 years, we have the opportunity to grow but the ethos of what we are here for is paramount.Picture 331

I’m a strong believer in that you need to be respectful to people on your way up because everyone comes down again and you never know who your going to need. I know musicians who haven’t done that and now don’t have a friend to share a pint with. Have you come across this type of thing?

So, so many times, but that is the industry we are in, I have seen the ego’s, the users, the abusers, some make it, some don’t. I try not to let it get to me now, but for a long time it did bother me. The majority of thse people are in it for the wrong reasons and that is their downfall, ultimately they do fail and sit in their own hype dreaming of days gone by, clutching desperately at straws for the slightest bit of recognition, no sympathy from me, a place on a pedestal is earned not bought or desperately clung to by begging friends support. What people, not just bands need to remember is there is always someone else willing to take your place, burn bridges and there is no going back. The greatest piece of advice I can give is to appreciate every single person who helps you along the way, you will never be bigger than the poeple who hold you dear.

Anyone who has come across you on Facebook will be well aware of Jim Beerman’s drunken rants. Have they ever got you in trouble before?

 Ha haaaaaa by golly I can be outspoken can’t I, and harking back to the last question I think I have ignored my own bridge burning advice from time to time, my biggest flaw is I am passionate about what I do, and when I see an abuse I do not hold back, one of the main issues at the moment is fans and bands can be open to major exploitation, just because it isn’t in an e mail from Nigeria doesn’t mean people are not going to take money out of your pocket for their own greed, Pay 2 Play, is a hate of mine but now we seem to be getting the American culture, Pay 2 Air (pay to get your song on the radio) or “Fleece The Listener” with the donate now” culture, stations will hold battle of the bands purely for their own promotional needs, the vote for me, vote for us culture, this is a distraction from the music and an exploitation which I abhor, text in for this at a £ a go, pay us for this. Anything in this vein I will stand against and I have never been afraid of making my views known. Oddly enough I have never had real trouble from my views, they seem to be widely accepted, only once have I had an issue and that was sorted pretty quickly.

How do you choose your bands for Beermageddon?

 This is maybe one of the hardest parts of running a festival, there are so many great bands out there, all of which deserve a slot, but we have 3 days not 3 months, I am lucky with the radio side, I look at our listener base and consider them to be a cross section of metal society, all ages and all tastes, if a band is going down well with them then that is a hell of a start, we listen to all applications (thousands of them) and generally watch what people are saying, being truely independant, we have no ties to labels, no favours given so it is completely fan based, if fans want a band we will do our best, obviously Black Sabbath are not gonna be playing, we are grass roots, but we take every request, application and suggestion on board in the hope we can put on an array of bands from the breaking to the established groundbreakers in metal.

Which band has surprised you most by the success that they have had?

Maybe the hardest question yet, it is a double edged sword as number one how can we judge success? Have we actually had a successful band in the last few decades? I think the obvious answer to this has to be Evile, played the unsigned stage at Bloodstock picked up by the label and forged forward, but question the self signed bands making a massive march forward like Beholder, they have been simmering and the new album is going to make a massive impact, this said none of these are surprising. I think I am going to name one single band, who have surprised me and that is a London based band called Skreamer, their talent is undeniable, but the impact they are making not just here in the UK but also in Europe is the surprise, we have lived in an extremely stagnant scene and this bunch of youngsters are tearing into a whole new era, they really do have it all and if you were to ask me tonight who are going to be the “next big thing” it would be Skreamer, they epitomise what bands should be aspiring to be, and for such young talent their fanbase is huge! 

Rock/metal music is way of life! Discuss……

 One look at society……. That is all you need, we live in such a diverse society, I remember listening to the Sex Pistols when I was 7 years old, that was the beginning for me, nearly 35 years later I have lived, breathed and often puked Rock and Metal, the thing is as a way of life, where else? What other part of society can you stand arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder in the name of music? Drink together, live together through music. Any gig you go to, you are not stood next to a stranger, you are united by the music, how many times have you walked past a fellow metal head in the street and you say “hi” or nod to each other, chatted in the supermarket, we have a full community, this is a way of life, no discussion needed.

From the outside metal music is seen to be aggressive and destructive yet I have found rockers/metallers to be some of the friendliest people I’ve ever across. Why do people have this perception of those who like our style of music?

Why are there Racists? Sexists? Intolerance throughout society? We look different, that scares people, we do not conform to what the mainstream media dictates and anything out of the comfort zone scares the population, I live on a slightly nefarious estate, gangs of kids hang around in packs, they scare the hell out of most people, me I walk right on up and have a chat with em, they are just kids, just like we all have been. Judgementalism is rife, if you do not understand a person for being different, they are to be feared, a sad but true fact.

No matter what the latest trend is rock/metal had always kept its fan base. What is the music doing right to outlast all the latest trends?

Now this for me is simple, instruments, guitars, drums, the act of playing, in an era where most popular music is just pushing a few keys on a computer with some tart or hunk warbling over the top, there will always be the need for real music, the dedication for true musicians giving their all, that is what keeps our music alive.

What unsigned bands have caught your attention recently?

Many, many many!

I think one of the main ones are as I mentioned earlier Skreamer, though one thing I love to see is proper old school thrash and a band called Kremated are definitely hitting the mark there, and Bull Riff Stampede are just stampeding their way through metal at the moment but check out the Beermageddon lineup, for all my picks are there ha ha

What’s your favourite ale from a bottle and your favourite from a pump?

ALE!!!!!!!!!!! Ale is one of my favourite things, my on air tipple is Hobgoblin but pump wise I have no favourite, one thing I love doing is trying new ales, with so many ales on pump it can never be easy to choose a favourite (though I will say Beermageddon goers you are in for a treat with the EPA!). Apart from music, beer is one of my favourite things and I love Beer Festivals, if it’an ale and it’s on the pump I will try it and chances I will love it!

So what’s next on the schedule for Jim Beerman?

Well the last few months have been massive, radio wise obviously my shows on Top Rock Radio and Bloodstock Radio are a huge priority, for the past 3 years I have also had an FM show on Switch Radio (the only metal show on the mainstream station) and recently we took that over as Switch Radio Ltd so that will be playing an even bigger part in my time. Beermageddon booking is ongoing, but there are a few other irons in the fire which I cannot go into at the moment, I am part of a big festival team at SRS and there may be something new metal related I will be a part of and I am struggling to leave the Beerman Presents in the grave so we may see a resssurection on that front! We will see.

Thanks very much for your time Jim, any final thoughts?

Finally I just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported my radio shows and of course Beermageddon Festival, we are a metal community and together we keep the spirit alive. Stay safe, stay very very,metal and keep the horns held high!Picture 333


For more infomation on Beermageddon you can go here

Jim Beerman is on twitter, though he said he isn’t a huge user of the site

His excellent facebook page!/jim.beerman