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Funeralglade – May The Funeral Begin



May the Funeral Begin is an E.P. from Finish outfit Funeralglade. The synopsis for this E.P. listed them as a melodic death metal band after listening to the E.P. I disagree.

I felt  it was more of a Blackended death metal style, due to the use of synth and keyboards, which were not used to drive the songs but used to set a more atmospheric tone.

The music style of the E.P. can be argued all day and the reason why? May the Funeral Begin has so many musical styles which can be heard in abundance.

You can hear the Melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Groove Metal and Black Metal styles through the E.P.

With so many styles clashing on the E.P. it really detracts from the songs and makes you struggle to really grasp what are you listening to.

As the tracks transition too frequently into the above mentioned styles, it dwindles the listening experience  as the song sounds keep changing. A perfect example of this is on the opening track Shadow and Misery. You get this heavy bass and drum mix met by a classic black metal scream.  The track then shifts to a traditional metal style with a lead fill, then in to a black metal opus, then back to a metal style but as the styles are so different, it makes the track disjointed. This Makes you raise that questionable eyebrow and asking yourself the question “what and why am I listening to this”?

When they get the blend correct they do produce some great musical work like the second track Death (Only Way Out). It starts off with a similar heavy guitar mixed with some keys then artificial harmonics. It then goes straight in to a great metal feel, then slams you into another transition to melodic death metal and the mix stays similar throughout the rest of the track giving it a unique style of song. 

The second track is the only good example of Funeralglade getting it right as the other tracks Hollow and A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust offer the same questions like eyebrow as track one Shadow of Misery.

I applauded bands who try and push the envelope, Funeralglade did indeed do this.

However they need to learn a more effective way to get there style across and fusing their style correctly.

Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment

municipal waste


Municipal waste come to us with their 6th studio album Slime And Punishment. It has been a while since I invested anytime with Municipal Waste not because their are a poor band, but a move in style made us part ways. 

I was blown away by their debut album Hazardous Mutation, with its mix of hardcore punk blended with speed metal and thrash. Unleash The Bastards demonstrated the hardcore punk, then the trash/speed context was demonstrated on  tracks like Terror Shark and Set To Destruct.

One thing I will say is that to this day you will not see a more fantastic sight than grown men crowd surfing in shark costumes.

Muncipal Waste changed styles with the Art Of Partying and offering a reverse contrast in music, this time more fun style thrash rather than hardcore punk. This is evident with Head Banger Face Rip and Beer Pressure.+

The split for me happened in 2009 when they opted to be more serious and focus on just being a thrash band, dropping a lot of the fun and leading with a style direct out of the D.R.I handbook. This reminded me of when NOFX stopped been a fun punk band and took a more political approach to their music

With this in mind it gives me s great opportunity to look at Slime And Punishment 

Slime And punishment has that great production feel to it, just like massive aggression giving you that great blend of Philip halls bass mixed with Ryan Wastes guitars giving you that feel of bass and guitar attack.

With the opening track of Breathe Grease, it gives a great promise of a great album, however 39 seconds into the track you are hit with a very Iron Maiden style trill and this doesn’t stop here, it appears again on the tracks Slime and Punishment, Low Tolerance and Under the Waste Command, which then tries a traditional trade mark twin guitar exchange very akin to Murray and Smith.

The album does see a return to some of their Hardcore punk thrash style on tracks 9 – 14, as seen on Hazardus Mutation. It is however severely lacking the  lyrical content of prior albums and giving nothing to the imagination.

We do also see some moments of light on the album with some great tracks like Shreadnecks and Poison the Preacher

Overall as a speed metal album it is exactly that, but nothing to excite or make Municipal Waste fuck you up



Power metallers Astral Domine have released a video for the song ‘Holy Knights’, taken from their debut album ‘Arcanum Gloriae’.

Watch the video here:


Founded in 2011 by music composer and lyricist Luca Gagnoni with the intent of creating epic, powerful music with a peaceful message, Astral Domine’ s debut album ‘Arcanum Gloriae’ is available now onBakerteam Records. Produced by the band themselves, with mixing and mastering duties held by Andrea De Paoli (LabyrinthVision Divine) at Multimedia Sound Studio, ‘Arcanum Gloriae’ features special guest appearances by renowned singers Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of FireVision DivineHollow Haze) on the song ‘Where Heroes Die’ and Giuseppe “Ciape” Cialone (Rosae Crucis) on the song‘Falsi Dei’. Inspired by fantasy themes and landscapes, Astral Domine’s music is perfectly depicted by the evocative album artwork, which recalls the epic scenery of the Game Of Thrones series.


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KATTAH – New album ‘Lapis Lazuli’

Kattah have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album ‘Lapis Lazuli’. Formed in 2006 in Brazil, the band is known for a unique approach to music, mixing heavy metal with Arabian, Eastern European, Brazilian and many other musical styles, atmospheres and rhythms. Their debut album ‘Eyes Of Sand’ (2010) attracted overwhelming reviews all over the world, and it came to no surprise when fellow Brazilian musical heroes Angra invited them to open their 2011 European tour, a great opportunity for Kattah to display their powerful live show and consolidate their name among thousands of heavy metal fans. ‘Lapis Lazuli’ sees the band taking things to a whole new level, with stronger melodies, classier arrangements, outstanding performances and a production team which includes some of the best professionals in the business: Roy Z (Bruce DickinsonRob HalfordSepultura,Helloween) and Andy Haller (Ozzy osbourneSystem Of A Down). ‘Lapis Lazuli’ will be out October 28th, 2014. Watch out for the latest news on


TANTAL – New album ‘Expectancy’

Formed in 2004 in Moscow, Russia, Tantal attracted critical acclaim with the release of their debut album ‘The Beginning Of The End’ (2009), an addictive mix of Progressive, Death, Thrash and Modern Metal enriched by gloomy conceptual lyrics and plenty of attitude. While touring relentlessly in support of that album, the band saw their fan base grow exponentially, with their videos broadcasted on national television and their songs featured in the most important metal radio shows. In 2013 Tantal announced the addition of talented female vocalist Milana Solovitskaya to their ranks and a new album,‘Expectancy’, which redefines their sound: way more diverse and mature than its predecessor, ‘Expectancy’ features beautiful catchy melodies, powerful riffs, expressive guitar solos and a groovy rhythm section, including one song in their native Russian language and an acoustic version of one song from the previous album as a bonus tracks, especially recorded for this release. The beautiful album artwork was conceived by renowned Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes (Arch EnemyMorbid AngelFirewind,Cryptopsy, Amaranthe). ‘Expectancy’ will be out October 28th, 2014 on Bakerteam Records. for the latest news


Black metallers Stigmhate have made available for streaming a song taken from their new album ‘Zodacare Od Zodameranu‘, out now on Bakerteam Records.


Listen to the new song ‘Mistress Of Bone’s Mounds’ here:

Active in the extreme metal scene for the last 15 years, the band is back with their most obscure and oppressive album to date, both musically and lyrically. The album was recorded and mixed between Outer Sound Studios and Destroyed Studios by Giuseppe Orlando (NovembreNecrodeath) and Stigmhate’s own guitarist Mike, and mastered at Hertz Studios (BehemothVaderDecapitated). The cover artwork and packaging was handled by renowned Brazilian artist Marcelo Vasco (Dimmu BorgirKeep Of KalessinDark Funeral). Some very special guest appearances by Shyaithan (Impiety) andNachtgarm (NegatorDark Funeral) have also been announced. Check for the latest updates.

Def Con One release new video

Newcastle metal titans Def  Con One have released their new video. The track “Skinhead Shaped Dent” is from their new album “II” and is one of their best tracks to date. Watch it below.


Def Con One – II

def con II


For the thousands that have seen the band live, or heard their first album Warface, this has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated album releases of the year. Warface was full of groove and in your face aggresion but Def Con One have upped the ante even further here. 18 months of solid touring has turned the band into an unbelievably tight unit, add to that some of the best riffs you’ve heard for a long, long time and your still not close to what we have here.

The album starts off with H8 Ball, a barely audible whisper which needs a lot of volume to be heard gives way to a staccato riff that is full of anger and groove. You can hear the bands influences throughout this song, but this is undoubtedly Def Con One. Broke is a fist pumping, head banging groove fest. Telling the tale of the common man’s struggle to make ends meet and get through everyday life.

Def Con One then unleash the song Soul Possessed on to us. This is up there with any metal song you have heard, certainly since the turn of the millenium. You may have heard this song as the band recently streamed it, the good news is that this album doesn’t peak with Soul Possessed. Scarred For Life then attacks our senses from the speakers. This is the thrashier side of Def Con One with a bit of punk and hardcore thrown in for good measure. There is always that huge Def Con One groove just waiting around the corner to test our headbanging capabilities and this song doesn’t disappoint. When this kicks in live, the pit will be for the brave only.

Debt To Society has a Southern metal feel to it as it kicks in. Davey Meikle offers to guide you until you find your own path in life ” You take my hand and walk with me while you find a place of your own”. The song implores you to lead and not be one of life’s sheep. The next song on the album will simply floor you. Sit down, turn up the volume and simply enjoy Skinhead Shaped Dent before you attempt to destroy your body as you bounce off walls, ceilings and anything else you can reach. This song has a riff that is up there with any you can think of, it also sticks around in your head forever. Damn you Def Con One!!!!!!!!!!!

Def Con Promo

Need A Reason builds in atmosphere until it explodes into one of the heaviest parts the band have ever written for the verse. There are more ideas in this song than what some bands are capable of putting onto a full album. Next up is the surprise of the album. Die Again is in all intent and purpose a power ballad until you hear the lyrical content. Like Feeling Cold on Warface, this song should be one thing but evolves into a totally different beast. The blackest ballad you will hear this year.

Damned Disgrace opens with the kind of grooving riff that gets your whole body moving. The upbeat music is in contrast to the lyrics as Davey Meikle spits his disgust at our soldiers fighting another lands war. Drag me to hell closes the album and just attacks you from the off. There is no respite from this one, it is full, in your face metal.

So there we have it, what a pity this album has to end. Released in February this album is already in contention for album of the year. There is all out metal, groove, melody and no shortage of damn fine musicianship on here. Go out and buy it, you will not be disappointed.


Davey Meikle – Vocals

Steve Miller – Bass

Antton Lant – Drums

Johnny Hunter – Guitar


For more infomation about Def Con One please follow the links below:


Hollow Haze – Countdown To Revenge

Hollow Haze albumCountdown To Revenge is the fifth full length album from Hollow Haze and the first to feature new singer Fabio Lione ( Rhapsody Of fire, Kamelot). The album also features collaborations with Antarktica and Wintermoon Orchestra in an attempt to broaden the landscape of the music and give it that epic feel. A feat that the band pull off. There is always something going on in this album, give it a few spins and you will hear so much more than just the song in front of you.

The album starts off with the intro of Room 212 which leads us into Watching In Silence, a heavy mix of guitars underpinned by the orchestra. Still Alive comes blasting out of the speakers before hitting us with a very catchy chorus, this will sound as heavy as hell when played live. No Rest For The Angels has a massive chorus that will have fists pumping as well a solo that will have the air guitars out.

Life Has No Meaning offers a bit of diversity, slowing things down a touch and giving the vocals to really really stand out. We Must Believe will give your neck muscles a good work out, a very uplifting but heavy song. The Answer is another with a great headbanging groove but never loses the melodic presence within the song. Il Tempo Del Fuoco is a straight up rocker, the song lasts nearly five minutes but that passes in a blur. A very enjoyable track.

Hollow Haze bandA Fading Angel’s Life has the potential to become a live epic, it has everything you could possibly want from a Hollow Haze song. There is heaviness, melody, a chorus that is bigger than the Death Star on steroids and beautifully wrote quieter passages. It rolls in at six and a half minutes but leaves you wanting more. Next we have the title track – Countdown To Revenge. Kicking off with fuzzy guitars, this song carries on where A Fading Angel’s Life left off, except this is it’s bigger heavier brother. An acoustic breakdown halfway through the song just sets up the song for the epic ending, there is so much going on here you need to get a good pair earphones, sit in a dark room and turn the sound up. The Gate To Nowhere is an instrumental that gives you time to take in what you have just heard.

Countdown To Revenge is now out and I would urge fans of Power Metal, Symphonic Metal etc to get this, you will not be disappointed.

An outstanding 8.5/10

Fabio Lione: Vocals
Nick Savio: Guitars
Dave Cestaro: Bass Guitar
Camillo Colleluori: Drums

For more information:





Straight On Target – Pharmakos

PharmakosFor a band who have just released their debut album I was surprised to see that they already had almost 5000 likes on their facebook page. Either they have a hell of a lot of friends or they have worked hard to build up their fan base, I opted for the hard working line. These are not the type of songs you would sing to put your children to sleep. This is aggresive, in your face Deathcore, the type of music that you need to tour to get any recognition.

Pharmakos kicks off with the intro of Theta, a mixture of guitar feedback and an underpinning drone. This leads into the slow heavy riff of Ostrakon, almost Fear Factory like. As you get into the song it’s suddenly all over and the band kick into Demonized, with it’s start /stop riffing it’s a good headbanging song. The vocals are a low growl that can be a little hard to decipher but that could well just be me looking for faults.

Wake The Apathetic is straight balls out Deathcore, I’m loving the drum sound on the album so far. It stands out without overpowering anything else. Saying that all the instruments are fairly well mixed, and you can hear each individual instrument which can be a rarity on albums like this. Dreadful Eyes goes for the throat from the off, there isn’t a stand out groove on this one. This is mosh pit music, that gives you a couple of seconds to gather your thoughts before crushing you again, I can see bodies flying to this one.

Initiation is another unrelenting bonecrusher, a little bit of variation on the vocals and this would be a song to live long in the memory. It will however continue to be a standout track on the album. He Spreads Hypocrisy then puts me firmly in my place. Everything comes together brilliantly on this track, the blastbeats, the breakdowns and the vocals combine superbly, made me just sit back and appreciate what was coming through my headphones.

Synesthesia takes things up another notch. It shows what Straight On Target can produce at their best. This one will hurt when played live, paramedics stand by. Final song on the album is Palm leaves Readers, at just under seven mins long it is by far the longest song on the album. The good thing is that the track holds your attention for the full length with some superb breakdowns that just add to the heaviness of the song.

Overall this is a good solid debut that will only enhance the bands reputation. There is a lot to enjoy on here. You can criticise certain parts if you want to be very picky, but the album and band don’t deserve it. I you like Deathcore then don’t miss out on a band that, with this songwriting, could see the band lead the genre for many years. They have the potential.


An entertaining  7/10Straight On Target

 Andrea Scaglia – Voice
Federico Buzzetti – Drums
Giulio Castruccio – Guitar
Daniele Molinari – Guitar
Nicolò Rossi – Bass!/StraightOnTarget

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Def Con One – Warface

I was lucky enough to see Def Con One live earlier this year, a gig that showed that when done right, metal is a force to be reckoned with. When I heard that the band had an album coming out I wanted to hear if the band could transfer their live energy onto a CD. The good news it that you get all the live energy and so much more.

The album kicks in with Never Look Back, the song having a rarely used drum intro. A bold move, considering this is a debut album. It turns out to be a masterstroke as it’s the kind of drum intro that beats Painkiller into submission. The good thing is that you know something heavy is coming, but haven’t got a clue what it will be, then it hits you. A raw pummelling riff that grabs your throat until your gasping for air. There are more higher profile bands that need to take notice of how to start an album. March Of The Dead then kicks you in the groin with the kind of riff that slipknot have almost forgot how to write, before opening up into the kind of song that you want to hear time and time again. Singer Davey Meikle gives a lesson in voice control, going from clean vocals to throat tearing screams. Fortunately I’ve seen him do this live so I know how easily he pulls this feat off. The other noticeable thing about this song apart from a guest solo from Mike Hickey is the double bass drumming of Antton. The double bass drums never give you a moments peace, if play this on a decent sound system them you will feel them pounding into our chest.

A demonic laugh introduces the title track Warface, before Johnny Hunter unleashes a huge groove laden riff. Warface is one of the shortest song on the album, it definately leaves you hungry for more. Word of warning, Warface could do permanent damage to your neck as you unleash a one man moshpit wherever you happen to be listening to it. Hold On hits you with an opening thrash riff before once again opening into a huge wall of noise, with a big bouncing chorus. This could cause chaos in the live arena, especially as another godzilla groove hits you towards the songs climax.

Blood sounds like a song that Hatebreed would love to pinch. Aggressive parts to snap your neck to, a chorus to sing a long to. Big mention to Steve Miller as he brings the extra heaviness with a monster bass sound. For four band members, Def Con One have a wall of sound that remind me of the huge sound that System Of A Down can create with only four members. Steeped In Pain basically does what it says on the tin. Thrashes the life out of you until a huge groove comes two minutes from the end of the song, just to stomp all over you once more.

10 Bullets kicks off with the type of riff that you really have to jump around to. You will get a little respite through the verses before the band bring it once more.  There is a hell of a lot to enjoy about this album for fans of the heavy side, however they would never guess what comes next. The sound of pouring rain comes through the speakers followed by the ringing of a church bell. Feeling Cold kicks in with an acoustic guitar, taking the listener totally by surprise. A song like this should be out of place on an all out metal album, but Feeling Cold has a heaviness of its own created by the atmosphere of the song. Thank God it’s not a ballad.

My Halo once again shows off Davey Meikle’s vocal prowess. Built on a huge slab of groove, the song builds and falls with the vocals matching it at all times. A very catchy verse grabs your attention before being torn apart by the tormented screams. Hit List comes at you like a great big Southern freight train. Clean vocals almost all the way through, this is a beer drinking song of the highest order. This is as commercial as Def Con One get and the underlying groove of the song isn’t going to leave you anytime soon.

Next up is In Death. This song builds and builds until we get the kind of riff that circlepits were made for. The song then takes you on a little journey that you have no choice but to sit back and enjoy. Tha last song on the album, Give Me Strength 6&6, has an almost middle eastern, Sabbath esque opening to it. Very slow, very heavy, almost stoner like riffage that instantly grabs your attention and gets your head moving. This is possibly my favourite track on the album, the way it uses light and shade in the song gives it the edge over the others.

One thing I can say about the album is that there are no songs on here that sound like each other, each song has it’s own identity and it’s own life. Def Con One have shown that they are not afraid to take chances with their music, as shown with Feeling Cold and Give Me Strength 6&6. Their is a lot more to this band than just being a brutal metal band. If the band can continue to develop, continue to take chances, they can be as big as they want to be. One hell of an album.