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Def Con One release new video

Newcastle metal titans Def  Con One have released their new video. The track “Skinhead Shaped Dent” is from their new album “II” and is one of their best tracks to date. Watch it below.


Def Con One – II

def con II


For the thousands that have seen the band live, or heard their first album Warface, this has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated album releases of the year. Warface was full of groove and in your face aggresion but Def Con One have upped the ante even further here. 18 months of solid touring has turned the band into an unbelievably tight unit, add to that some of the best riffs you’ve heard for a long, long time and your still not close to what we have here.

The album starts off with H8 Ball, a barely audible whisper which needs a lot of volume to be heard gives way to a staccato riff that is full of anger and groove. You can hear the bands influences throughout this song, but this is undoubtedly Def Con One. Broke is a fist pumping, head banging groove fest. Telling the tale of the common man’s struggle to make ends meet and get through everyday life.

Def Con One then unleash the song Soul Possessed on to us. This is up there with any metal song you have heard, certainly since the turn of the millenium. You may have heard this song as the band recently streamed it, the good news is that this album doesn’t peak with Soul Possessed. Scarred For Life then attacks our senses from the speakers. This is the thrashier side of Def Con One with a bit of punk and hardcore thrown in for good measure. There is always that huge Def Con One groove just waiting around the corner to test our headbanging capabilities and this song doesn’t disappoint. When this kicks in live, the pit will be for the brave only.

Debt To Society has a Southern metal feel to it as it kicks in. Davey Meikle offers to guide you until you find your own path in life ” You take my hand and walk with me while you find a place of your own”. The song implores you to lead and not be one of life’s sheep. The next song on the album will simply floor you. Sit down, turn up the volume and simply enjoy Skinhead Shaped Dent before you attempt to destroy your body as you bounce off walls, ceilings and anything else you can reach. This song has a riff that is up there with any you can think of, it also sticks around in your head forever. Damn you Def Con One!!!!!!!!!!!

Def Con Promo

Need A Reason builds in atmosphere until it explodes into one of the heaviest parts the band have ever written for the verse. There are more ideas in this song than what some bands are capable of putting onto a full album. Next up is the surprise of the album. Die Again is in all intent and purpose a power ballad until you hear the lyrical content. Like Feeling Cold on Warface, this song should be one thing but evolves into a totally different beast. The blackest ballad you will hear this year.

Damned Disgrace opens with the kind of grooving riff that gets your whole body moving. The upbeat music is in contrast to the lyrics as Davey Meikle spits his disgust at our soldiers fighting another lands war. Drag me to hell closes the album and just attacks you from the off. There is no respite from this one, it is full, in your face metal.

So there we have it, what a pity this album has to end. Released in February this album is already in contention for album of the year. There is all out metal, groove, melody and no shortage of damn fine musicianship on here. Go out and buy it, you will not be disappointed.


Davey Meikle – Vocals

Steve Miller – Bass

Antton Lant – Drums

Johnny Hunter – Guitar


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Def Con One – Brute Force And Ignorance EP

dc1Since Def Con One’s debut album Warface hit the shelves in 2012 the Newcastle quartet have been getting in the nations face with a series of unforgetable and brutal shows. They have not allowed themselves any down time though, as they have been busy writing and recording the follow up to Warface between shows. Before they assault our senses with a full length album they are giving us a teaser with the four track EP – Brute Force And Ignorance.

Due out in October 2013, Brute Force And Ignorance will be released as a limited edition 12″ vinyl. The vinyl will be Nuclear Green and all the tracks are on one side whilst on the other side the bands signatures are engraved into the vinyl. There is also a full open out gatefold sleeve, full of pictures etc. The band have pulled out all the stops for this and credit must go to them and Night Of The Vinyl Dead for offering fans so much more than the generic CD in a single cardboard sleeve EP. So now to the main thing, what is the music on offer actually like?

The EP  contains four tracks, Brute Force And Ignorance, Caving In, No More Hate and Weapons of War. Long time followers of the band will recognise three of those names as No More Hate was given away for a short time as a free download. Caving In and Weapons Of War were released on self financed EP’s earlier in the bands career, although both have been re-recorded and never sounded like this.

We kick off with brand new song Brute Force And Ignorance. As the title suggests this is no power ballad, the song is straight in your face, pummelling you into submission before a huge Def Con One groove finishes you off in the chorus. Must mention that the sound that the band now have going is extremely impressive. The sound is huge on this, yet it is nothing that the band cannot recreate live. Johnny Hunter’s guitar is crunchy and heavy, Steve Miller’s bass has a threatening heaviness to it, Antton Lant beats his kit until it is a quivering mess in the corner and Davey Meikle’s voice weaves everything together.

Caving in  has been given a nasty reworking, the guitar and bass on this are now so heavy and the chorus has been given the in your face aggression that it was missing. It is a completely different beast to what went before. Even when the band slow things down they retain the brooding heaviness of the song.brute forceNo More Hate will be familiar to a lot of fans by now as a lot of you will have downloaded the song or heard it live as the band have been playing it live for a while now. The song has been given a new lease of life with a better production, it sounds more sinister and super heavy.

Weapons Of War is six minutes of groove and heaviness. The kind of music that is made to get bodies moving and heads banging. Crunching guitars, pounding drums and super heavy bass lines ensure that this will stay in the memory. The song gives Davey Meikle the chance to use his full range and he doesn’t disappoint.

Brute Force And Ignorance shows us where Def Con One are at now and gives us a glimpse of where the new album may be headed. The band have added to their own sound with an excellent quality of production. There is no mistaking this for any other band except Def Con One. When the band released Warface as a limited edition vinyl it sold out within five days, this EP will continue that trend if not better it.

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Antton Lant Interview

anttonAntton Lant is a fairly fearsome sight, tall, muscular, tattooed to the hilt and eyes that will pierce the skin of a rhino. However don’t let that you put you off from approaching him. As found out he is one of metals most amiable people. Never too busy to speak, to pose for a photo or to sign anything that is thrust his way.

His band – Def Con One are currently recording their second album, the follow up to the critically recieved Warface after starting the year on the road culminating with a high profile set at this years Hammerfest in Wales. We managed to get a hold of Antton whilst he had a spare day in his schedule and he was only too pleased to answer a few questions for us.


Hi Antton, thanks for taking the time out to answer a few of our questions. You have played quite a few shows this year, how have they been going?

No problem, gigs are going great, from strength to strength, crowds are loving the tunes, were loving every minute of it.

2012 was a good year for Def Con One, 2013 looks like it could be an even better year for the band. Your getting excellent live reviews and Warface is still receiving good reviews. How do you plan to keep the momentum that the band have built up, going?

Yeah the reviews are simply awesome, we were not expecting them to be so good, we recorded the album our selfs and we were told you have to have proper engineers and producers and a name guy mix it etc etc but we did it all ourselves and it turned out great, then the reviews just left us speechless.

Warface is a very aggressive, in your face album. I know your working on the follow up album, how are things taking shape?

Really well, the new tunes are as angry and maybe even a bit heavier, there is a lot of diversity in the tracks too, were gonna start the recording process again in April and try and get everything solid.

Will Joe be making an appearance on the new albums cover?

I hope so, I see joe as our eddie or even our road dogg, the motorhead logo, it would be great if an artist could bring him alive, a full on 3d version so its all bone n stuff would look awesome.

To get further on in a career, a band needs to develop in both song writing and as musicians. What difference have you noticed from the band that wrote and recorded Warface to the Def Con One that are writing and recording the new album? 

Im not sure that’s right though, some bands out there sound the same as they did when they first started, like Kerry king once said, if it aint broke why try n fix it. If something works then leave it alone lol

The songs are very much def-con-one, I know we get grouped in with other bands but we don’t really sound like them, we have our own sound so we will just try and get the album to stand up along side warface.

Def Con One have never followed the latest trend and always stayed true to their own beliefs. Do you think that the band are now reaping the rewards for that approach? Would that be a good piece of advice to a band just starting out?

We play music because we love it, some artists jump on band wagons and just copy other bands but I find they normally jump on the band wagon once the wagon has left hahahaha

I think they must buy a magazine and see whats working and blatantly copy it, in my opinion that’s shit, its just shit.

We just stick to our guns and keep forging ahead. Fortunately there is a lot of people out there that are sick and tired of these lame ass bands that call them selfs metal, the kids are starting to want proper metal bands and let me tell you, Britain has a lot of realy good, heavy as fuck bands.

Def Con OneHow many songs did you write for Warface and what have you done with the songs that didn’t make the album?

We defiantly wrote more than what ended up on the album, some might make the next album, might not lol

The new tunes are sounding great so we are gonna find it hard to pick out only 10 songs, warface was supposed to be 10, but ended up with 12 songs on it because we couldn’t make our minds up.

Musicians are known for being very self critical. How do you know when you have finished with a song, and are you ever completely happy with a song or are you always thinking “but we could change this……………..” ?

None more than us. I look at a few different things, when I put the drums down I want to feel it, I want the performance to mean something, doesn’t really matter so much if its not 100% correct. There is no clicks, me and Johnny jam out the track and if it feels right and it’s a good take we leave it, too many bands are wanting everything to be so damn correct, its music, what is correct, I was brought up on ac/dc, the early albums are simply the best albums ever, and the feel and groove it second to none. One thing I get a lot is how much we sound like the album live, but better lol. That’s awesome, how many bands have you seen live that sound nothing like the record hahahah

People need to stop being so damn critical and just sit back and enjoy the music for what it is.

Def Con One are a band on the rise. When your on your way up, is it a case of appreciating and showing respect to those who help to give you a foot up the ladder as you never know if your going to need that help again should you ever be on the way down?

Ya know, I totally agree, and we totally appreciate it all, there is a lot of fake people in this business but they are out weighed by good honest folk that just love metal music, we appreciate all the help we get.

I know that Def Con One use social networking to the absolute max, how hard is it for a band to get decent promotion outside of what it does for itself on Facebook, twitter etc, without paying a fortune for a PR company etc?

Without paying for it, these days its impossible. Weve found that out. Its funny because magazines like OK will pay someone a million quid for a story but in music you gotta pay to get in the mags hahaha, year ago the metal mags used to have columns dedicated to up n coming bands, now its all gone, and for up and coming bands, they just don’t have the kinda money the pr companies want.

When your playing a show, how do the band cope with the nervous energy that there is bound to be? What pre show habits do the band have, if any?

I personaly don’t get nervous, the only time I get a bit funny is when your set is put back, then put back, you start asking the question, why, whats wrong.

But I just warm up my limbs a bit, maybe do a few drum things on a pillow or something back stage, a can of green monster and im ready to rock.

Picture 268One of the best quotes I’ve heard in a long time came from a Def Con One interview. ” There are no ego’s in this band until we are on stage, then the gloves are off “. How important is it to keep those on stage ego’s where they belong, onstage?

Its not difficult. Were all just people, im a massive fan of bands and ive had the opportunities to meet some of my idols and I have a lot of friends in the metal music business, I tell ya 99% of them are so nice, honestly, so humble and nice its hard to believe they are the same guys that just ripped a crowds heads off lol


And then there is the rockstars, hahahaha dickheads.

I have noticed in the past that some bands will shorten their set list if the venue they are playing isn’t sold out or the crowd isn’t great. Why in your opinion do bands sell their fans short like that? Surely those who turn up are the die hard fans that deserve to be treat with the utmost respect?

Absofuckinlutely, I don’t care if there is 3 people there, if they have travelled and payed to see you they deserve a full on show, if a band pulls the set or whatever that’s sad.

You have toured the country quite a bit now, what bands have you had supporting you that you’ve thought ” they can go far “?

Oh wow, now that’s a hard question, I hate questions like this because if we miss someone there gonna get upset lol. Iron nights are a great band, bull riff stampede, balls deep were awesome, line of fire, akord, the list goes on n on…

What does the rest of the year have in store for the band?

We have a few more fests to play plus working on the follow up to warface, realy looking forward to getting these songs down and finished.

When word got around that I had an interview with Antton lined up,  I got a lot of requests from fans of the band wanting me to ask him certain questions. I actually recieved well over 100 questions to ask him, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I ended up picking the most popular requests and again Antton was only too pleased to answer them.

Who is the worst drunk in the band?

Hhhmmmmmm, don’t think there is one, we drink, we get drunk, we drink some more hahaha

Who has the worst dress sense in the band?

We all look the same so maybe all of us hahahahahaa

Is there any pressure on Davey to keep his head shaved?

No, Davey can do what ever he wants with his head lol

Has there ever been a stage that your drum kit hasn’t fit on?

Nearly, not quite but nearly.

If you had an unlimited budget what would be your ideal drum kit to have?

The one I have right now, mapex Saturn drums are awesome, sabian cymbals are awesome, evans drum heads are awesome, vic firth drums sticks are awesome, mapex falcan pedals are awesome, I wouldn’t change a thing, I already play the best.

Picture 316What album would no one believe you owned?

That would have to be Russ Abbotts Greatest Hits

Once again can I thank you for your time, everyone at wishes you great success in the future with shows and the new album. 

Your welcome \,,/

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