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Cardiant – Verge

cardiantCardiant’s new album comes at you like a breath of fresh air. It’s good to hear a hell of a good rock album. The album has hints of progressive metal and symphonic metal, but thats all they are – hints. Opener Justice Turns Into Revenge comes straight for you in a blur of riffage, the guitars never let up throughout the track, keyboards swirl but never overpower. Thought’s Inception is a fist pumping, headbanging song. Listen carefully and you will hear some clever work on the ride symbol. The song has a massive sing a long chorus to boot. The is a quiet breakdown during the solo and that really sets the rest of the song up.

Heavens Calling flies out of the block at you in an attack of riffs and soaring vocals, again the keyboards bind the track together. There is everything in here, power, heaviness and melody and even a lighter in the air moment or two. Ever Since starts off in power ballad mode and mixes male and female vocals well. The song mixes piano and guitar very well, sounding very much like early Queen in places. It is a very enjoyable listen, it is very catchy and has sing a long moments.

Believe starts off in Dream Theater fashion before the Cardiant sound takes over, a heavy opening breaks down into a soft female vocal courtesy of Outi Jokinen. Again the song is full of melody and there is enough going on throughout the song so that it never becomes a chore to listen to. Beat Of Heart is next up and is a straight up rocker although there are all the Cardiant quirks here, the song never becomes predictable. Loves Not On My Way starts off with vocal and piano and the thought of a soppy ballad comes to mind, however, two minutes into the song and it kicks off leaving me quite surprised as it turns into an almost fist pumping rocker before returning to the piano and vocals to end the track.

Stranger in me is another quality track with yet another uplifting sing a long chorus. This will be a very enjoyable live song, I ended up just sitting back and enjoying this song without trying to think of what I was going to write, that should tell you how catchy the song is. Break your mind has progressive elements throughout and has raced through to the end before you know it. The album ends with While The Ice Is Cold. A beautiful ballad that will be on my mp3 player for a while. Female vocals take the lead on this one and do not disappoint in the slightest.

This is a very enjoyable album and the musicianship on display is first rate. Cardiant have found a way to keep many genres happy with this one.


A very enjoyable 8/10

Erik Karhatsu – Vocals
Antti Hänninen – Guitars
Marko Lindroos – Keyboards & Backing vocals
Mikko Mänttäri – Bass & Vocals
Lauri Hänninen – Drums

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WildeStarr – A Tale Tell Heart

WildeStarr’s new album, A Tell Tale Heart, comes at you with a ferocious pace from the opening beats of Immortal, Judas Priest would love this track in their locker. The vocals of London Wilde need to be heard, the power in her voice is immense no matter what range she is using. The song gallpops along with an almost call to arms chorus. Transformis Ligea is not as frantic as the opener, this gives the music time to breathe and because of this the song seems heavier. The solo in the song fits perfectly and is not simply shredding for shredding sake. The string work of Dave Starr is superb, you need to hear this.

A Perfect Storm has an almost 80’s metal feel to it as it opens, it doesn’t take long to get dragged to the present day. The double bass drumming of Josh Foster is prominent throughout the track, without ever being overbearing. There is the jagged riffing and soaring vocals to suit most metalheads. Valkyrie Cry slows the pace a touch, again the heaviness of the song benefits. Wilde’s vocals are extremely impressive, taking the song to another level. The track has an epic feel to it.

Last Holy King opens with some atmospheric acoustic guitar, before the song opens into huge, slower song. Not a ballad, but the same feel. The band express light and shade throughout by dropping in the acoustic guitar with excellent effect. I hope Dave Starr can find another guitarist and bass player of the same quality to help give these songs life in the live arena. There is a huge grooving riff to open In Staccata. There are Judas Priest and even Geoff Tate influences all over this neckbreaker. A great heavy metal track.

Not Sane has an intricate guitar riff running throughout that keeps you on your toes, almost progressive. It may just be my ears but the vocals seem to have a Ronnie James Dio slant to them. Whether that be in the phrasing or not I’m not  sure but it works brilliantly. The best track of the album so far is next. The epic Seven Shades Of Winter will be a feature at any classic rock night if there is any justice. It is simply a magnificent piece of songwriting.

The Pit Or The Pendulum has a touch of latter day Nightwish about it, driven along by some very impressive drumming with the understated keys weaving in and out. Usher In The Twilight has an eastern feel to it, as well as a very triumphant feel to the music. This will have fists pumping when played live.

The songs on this album are said to be inspired by the stories of Edgar Allen Poe, of that I really wouldn’t know. What I do know is that these songs stand up on their own, they are good, honest metal songs. The album is over before you know it as it draws you in and gets you involved.

A very impressive 8/10.

London Wilde – Vocals, keyboards
Dave Starr – All Guitars, Bass
Josh Foster – Drums