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Power metallers Astral Domine have released a video for the song ‘Holy Knights’, taken from their debut album ‘Arcanum Gloriae’.

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Founded in 2011 by music composer and lyricist Luca Gagnoni with the intent of creating epic, powerful music with a peaceful message, Astral Domine’ s debut album ‘Arcanum Gloriae’ is available now onBakerteam Records. Produced by the band themselves, with mixing and mastering duties held by Andrea De Paoli (LabyrinthVision Divine) at Multimedia Sound Studio, ‘Arcanum Gloriae’ features special guest appearances by renowned singers Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of FireVision DivineHollow Haze) on the song ‘Where Heroes Die’ and Giuseppe “Ciape” Cialone (Rosae Crucis) on the song‘Falsi Dei’. Inspired by fantasy themes and landscapes, Astral Domine’s music is perfectly depicted by the evocative album artwork, which recalls the epic scenery of the Game Of Thrones series.


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KATTAH – New album ‘Lapis Lazuli’

Kattah have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album ‘Lapis Lazuli’. Formed in 2006 in Brazil, the band is known for a unique approach to music, mixing heavy metal with Arabian, Eastern European, Brazilian and many other musical styles, atmospheres and rhythms. Their debut album ‘Eyes Of Sand’ (2010) attracted overwhelming reviews all over the world, and it came to no surprise when fellow Brazilian musical heroes Angra invited them to open their 2011 European tour, a great opportunity for Kattah to display their powerful live show and consolidate their name among thousands of heavy metal fans. ‘Lapis Lazuli’ sees the band taking things to a whole new level, with stronger melodies, classier arrangements, outstanding performances and a production team which includes some of the best professionals in the business: Roy Z (Bruce DickinsonRob HalfordSepultura,Helloween) and Andy Haller (Ozzy osbourneSystem Of A Down). ‘Lapis Lazuli’ will be out October 28th, 2014. Watch out for the latest news on


TANTAL – New album ‘Expectancy’

Formed in 2004 in Moscow, Russia, Tantal attracted critical acclaim with the release of their debut album ‘The Beginning Of The End’ (2009), an addictive mix of Progressive, Death, Thrash and Modern Metal enriched by gloomy conceptual lyrics and plenty of attitude. While touring relentlessly in support of that album, the band saw their fan base grow exponentially, with their videos broadcasted on national television and their songs featured in the most important metal radio shows. In 2013 Tantal announced the addition of talented female vocalist Milana Solovitskaya to their ranks and a new album,‘Expectancy’, which redefines their sound: way more diverse and mature than its predecessor, ‘Expectancy’ features beautiful catchy melodies, powerful riffs, expressive guitar solos and a groovy rhythm section, including one song in their native Russian language and an acoustic version of one song from the previous album as a bonus tracks, especially recorded for this release. The beautiful album artwork was conceived by renowned Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes (Arch EnemyMorbid AngelFirewind,Cryptopsy, Amaranthe). ‘Expectancy’ will be out October 28th, 2014 on Bakerteam Records. for the latest news

Hollow Haze – Countdown To Revenge

Hollow Haze albumCountdown To Revenge is the fifth full length album from Hollow Haze and the first to feature new singer Fabio Lione ( Rhapsody Of fire, Kamelot). The album also features collaborations with Antarktica and Wintermoon Orchestra in an attempt to broaden the landscape of the music and give it that epic feel. A feat that the band pull off. There is always something going on in this album, give it a few spins and you will hear so much more than just the song in front of you.

The album starts off with the intro of Room 212 which leads us into Watching In Silence, a heavy mix of guitars underpinned by the orchestra. Still Alive comes blasting out of the speakers before hitting us with a very catchy chorus, this will sound as heavy as hell when played live. No Rest For The Angels has a massive chorus that will have fists pumping as well a solo that will have the air guitars out.

Life Has No Meaning offers a bit of diversity, slowing things down a touch and giving the vocals to really really stand out. We Must Believe will give your neck muscles a good work out, a very uplifting but heavy song. The Answer is another with a great headbanging groove but never loses the melodic presence within the song. Il Tempo Del Fuoco is a straight up rocker, the song lasts nearly five minutes but that passes in a blur. A very enjoyable track.

Hollow Haze bandA Fading Angel’s Life has the potential to become a live epic, it has everything you could possibly want from a Hollow Haze song. There is heaviness, melody, a chorus that is bigger than the Death Star on steroids and beautifully wrote quieter passages. It rolls in at six and a half minutes but leaves you wanting more. Next we have the title track – Countdown To Revenge. Kicking off with fuzzy guitars, this song carries on where A Fading Angel’s Life left off, except this is it’s bigger heavier brother. An acoustic breakdown halfway through the song just sets up the song for the epic ending, there is so much going on here you need to get a good pair earphones, sit in a dark room and turn the sound up. The Gate To Nowhere is an instrumental that gives you time to take in what you have just heard.

Countdown To Revenge is now out and I would urge fans of Power Metal, Symphonic Metal etc to get this, you will not be disappointed.

An outstanding 8.5/10

Fabio Lione: Vocals
Nick Savio: Guitars
Dave Cestaro: Bass Guitar
Camillo Colleluori: Drums

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Red Rose – On The Cusp Of Change

red rose coverOn The Cusp Of Change is the second full length offering from Red Rose, following 2011’s Live The Life You’ve Imagined. Recorded before they recruited Daniel Berger permanently on drums, the band were able to call on the services of Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land) to pound the beats. Recorded at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark, On The Cusp Of Change was released in February 2013.

When Roses Faded is the first track and starts off with an eerie middle eastern vibe, with a pounding rhythmic drum pattern that gives way to a keyboard/guitar led opening riff. The chorus is huge, the melody in there instantly catches your attention. Bass and drums open up Chasing Freedom and the song explodes into an excellent hard melodic rock song. There are plenty of guitars, keyboards and vocal hooks to satisfy all rock needs, there is even the big guitar solo. Great rose1

King Of The Local Crowd is a good rock n roll song. Indeed it has the vibe of a seventies Meatloaf song about it. Original Sin explores the bands progressive side a lot more with a lot of musical changes, however those huge vocal melodies still come at you full force. Alone In The Night is an acoustic led ballad that builds throughout the song with an excellent bluesy solo to finish off with.

This Bitter World opens quietly with piano and understated guitar before bursting to life in a blur of keyboards, once again showing that Red Rose know how to write a good rock song. Don’t believe These Tales takes you on a great little musical journey, you can hear a bit of Iron Maiden in some of the bass lines to some full blown Dream Theater. Seize The Day is the final track on the album and is possibly my favourite track of the eight on offer. The track flows along on the keyboards with a touch of acoustic guitars and an emotional vocal.

red rose2All in all, On The Cusp Of Change is a very good album, with some great ideas and excellent musicianship on there. The band have certainly developed as writers and musicians and it will be very enjoyable to hear this album played live.

A positive 7/10

Leve Laiter – vocals
Elnur Aliev – guitars
Deion Kristen – keyboards
Eli Reeve – bass
Daniel Berger – drums

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Rhyme – The Seed And The Sewage

It’s great when you come across a band that you have never heard of and the stuff you hear makes your ears prick up, gets your mind wondering why you haven’t heard the band before and what have they done in the past. This happened to me when the new Rhyme album found its way to my speakers. This is hard rock the way its meant to be played.

The album opens with Manimal, a song that has your head and feet going at the same time. It’s an excellent opening track as it has the energy of a live track, a thing some bands are not capable of capturing. The Hangman flies at you next with an almost staccato riff, it instantly gets your attention. The chorus has a great hook that implants itself into your mind, there is a great heavy breakdown towards the end of the song that is going to make you spill your beer before the chorus kicks in again.

Blind Dog starts with a guitar and drum partnership before kicking in to a big dirty rock riff. The vocals of Gabriele Gozzi are highly impressive, it is just as well that he has such a strong voice as the band give him plenty of work to do with the quality of their playing. Another huge chorus and a another track that is going to find its way on to your ipod.  Slayer To The System turns the intensity up a notch, aggressive playing is matched  with an aggressive vocal delivery. However Rhyme never lose focus and still give us hooks big enough to catch a whale on.

Fairytopia continues the trend of great hard rock with melody, there is a great underlying guitar line in this song that binds everything together, I didn’t hear it until my third or forth listen to the song, yet when you do hear it, it makes the track stand out. Party Right is a straight out rocker, this is your dance along and drink song, with an almost Slash sounding dirty solo. Again be prepared to sing along.

Brand New Jesus builds and builds until the kind of riff Shinedown would pay for kicks in. This has a great groove to it, there will be pits open up when this is played live and lots of dancing going on around it. World Underground gives us a big chunk of southern rock and just when you think it may slow the pace down, a big rolling riff comes and stomps on you.

Nevermore is a hard song to describe, its possibly my favourite on the album, it seems to be a touch more experimental and progressive to my ear. Victim of Downturn is a heavy  song, not the heaviest in musical terms but certainly in atmosphere and subject wise. This song gives Nevermore a run for its money with it’s brooding guitar sounding like it just wants to fight, the solo at the end of the track is understated yet essential to the track and gives it a perfect ending. The album ends with a cover of Depeche Mode’s Wrong. The band turn it in to a powerful atmospheric hard rock song that fits well on the album.


If you like good hard rock packed with melody, energy and atmosphere then this is for you. I also recently learned that the band are all Italian which surprised me greatly as I had them down as American. The greatest surprise was the age of the band members, ranging from 24 to 28. Their music belies their age, the mind boggles at the thought of what they producing now and what they could produce in the future. There is a great social commentary on this album although it is not in your face in a RATM way, it isn’t rammed down your throat, it’s left there to give you something to think about.

The band are about to tour Russia, it isn’t hard to see why they are getting international attention. Get them to the UK!!!!! Give them a chance, what have you got to lose.

An outstanding 9.5/10


Gabriele Gozzi: Vocals
Matteo Magni: Guitars
Riccardo Canato: Bass
Vinny Brando: Drums