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Gun – Break The Silence

Gun are the kind of band that you really can’t help but like, there really isn’t anything to dislike. They have always been like the lovable cousins of the rock world, welcome at every party but no one really took then too seriously.

Well now maybe is the time to sit up and take a bit more notice. There is something new about Gun in 2012, something that is a bit hard to pin point. It may well the change in energy that a new line up brings, it may be that there is no pressure on the band to produce, except for the pressure they put themselves under. Or it might simply be that the band have had the time of their lives making this record, either way this is an album that is full of life. This album sounds like Gun yet sounds nothing like them, not the Gun from their first three albums anyway. Yes the album is full of melody, hooks and chorus’ s to die for, yet with Dante Gizzi hanging up his bass and taking over the microphone the dynamic of the band has changed, much for the better. Whilst Toby Jepson is an incredible frontman, Gun was never his baby. It has always been the baby of the Gizzi brothers, you can hear that passion and commitment on this record.

The album begins with Butcher man. The song begins with a snare roll before the rock n roll fun begins. If your expecting Dante to sound anything like Gun’s previous singers then your in for a shock, he has a totally unique voice, but it matches the music brilliantly. Next up is 14 Stations, a feel good rock n roll song. A good hummable chorus, will be an excellent driving song. Just watch your speed.

The next song has the first massive chorus. Lost and Found is one of those songs that sits in the back of your head and forces you to sing it, even if you end up making your own words up. The drums have an 80’s production sound that makes the song an even more appealing listen. There will be lots of dancing to this when played live, there is even an E Street Band type ending. Caught In The Middle is another excellent Gun rocker, there is something familiar about this song that I can’t quite my finger on, very enjoyable.

The title track Break The Silence opens with an updated sound from the 0141………..album. If the singles chart mattered anymore then this song would be massive, it has all the ingredients. There are hummable verses and another massive sing a long chorus. This is almost perfect arena rock, no wonder the band are getting on some great tours. How Many Roads is a typical Gun slow burner, not a ballad but very atmospheric and retrospective. The song benefits from an excellent string arrangement that adds so much to the song, as do the backing vocals.

As your thinking about playing How Many Roads again, No Subsitute kicks in. This is a classic Gun mid paced rocker, the perfect thing to bring your mind back to the album and stop you thinking of the previous song. Before you know it your foot is tapping along and your humming the chorus. Bad things opens up with a load of punk rock attitude, if you try to keep up with the chorus your going to end up out of breath. Again the song is catchy as hell, only bad thing is it’s over before you know it although it leaves you wanting more.

Innocent Thieves is another song that leaves you tapping away. There is a massive production on this song, and the song totally deserves it, again it has a big E Street Band feel to it. Running Out Of Time kicks off in a classic Gun rocker style, reminds me of the Gallus era. Then this huge chorus comes from nowhere, grabs you by the nether region and drags you in. This is possibly the modern Gun at their best. This could be a live classic for a long time to come.

The last track on the album is Last Train, a feel good dancing song. The band released this in demo form some time ago, it was called Last Train From Central then. It is a very upbeat way to end the album, you leave it with a big smile on your face and thats all you can ask of any album.

All in all this is an excellent return from a band many people had forgot about, they deserve the plaudits they are getting, some of the songwriting on this album is simply fantastic. If they can transfer some of the feel good energy this album has to the live arena then they will simply be unmissable. They have teased us for a while with the live shows and an EP, now they have delivered.

Welcome back boys.